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November 2009

11/30/2009HSLDA--Chick-fil-A Fundraiser for Klicka Family
11/25/2009HSLDA Member Benefit--Help Homeschoolers While You Shop
11/20/2009New Jersey--Prevent Same-Sex Marriage from Sneaking Through
11/20/2009N.H.: Victory! HB368 "ITL"--Committee "Studies Hard and Passes Test"
11/20/2009HSLDA: Urgent!--Calls Needed to Stop Intrusive Health Care Bill
11/18/2009HSLDA--Still time to register for Fourth Annual CAP Training Day!
11/17/2009New Hampshire--Email Comments Regarding Home Education Rules!
11/17/2009N.H.--Your Presence and Comments Needed to Defend Homeschooling Freedom
11/16/2009HSLDA: Join Children's Day Rally for Parental Rights
11/12/2009HSLDA - Still Time to Register for Event on Family Issues in New England
11/11/2009New Hampshire--House Democrat: "Aggressive" with Homeschoolers
11/6/2009New Hampshire--Your Presence Needed to Defend Against Harmful Laws and Rules!
11/5/2009North Carolina--Announcing the 2009 Parental Rights Conference!
11/4/2009Wisconsin--Waukesha "School District Census"
11/3/2009Rhode Island--North Kingstown Tables New Homeschool Policy
11/3/2009HSLDA: Training Summit to Focus on Family Values in New England
11/2/2009Virginia--Department of Health Agrees to Changes to Help Homeschooled Children