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January 2009

1/30/2009Wyoming--Legislature Proposes an Amendment Defending Marriage
1/30/2009New Hampshire - Please Attend Home Education Convention
1/30/2009Indiana--Come to the Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
1/30/2009Arkansas--Attend the Home School Day at the Capitol!
1/30/2009Michigan--Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
1/30/2009Nebraska: Please Attend the Homeschool Legislative Day
1/29/2009HSDLA: Will New Consumer Product Regulations Affect You?
1/28/2009HSLDA Member Benefit: Student Contests
1/28/2009New Hampshire--Attend Hearing to Oppose Threatening Homeschool Legislation
1/28/2009New Mexico--Calls Needed Today to Stop Domestic Partnerships
1/27/2009Florida--Broward County Cancels Random Portfolio Reviews
1/23/2009Texas--2009 Legislative Session Begins
1/23/2009Florida--Broward County Homeschoolers Subject to Blanket Portfolio Reviews
1/23/2009Ohio--First Ever Home Education Rule Revisions Not Harmful to Homeschoolers
1/23/2009Georgia--Central Savannah River Area High School Seminars!
1/23/2009New Hampshire--Home Education Advisory Council Meets on February 10
1/21/2009New Hampshire--Action Needed to Oppose Threatening Homeschool Legislation
1/20/2009Illinois: Your Calls Needed to Protect Traditional Marriage
1/16/2009New Mexico: Please Attend the 13th Consecutive CAPE at the Capitol Event!
1/16/2009New Hampshire: Most Serious Threat to Homeschool Freedom in New Hampshire
1/14/2009Wyoming--Amendment Defending Marriage Proposed
1/14/2009Oklahoma: Update--Partial Good News on Negative Senate Bills
1/13/2009Oklahoma: Action Needed--Homeschool Freedom Threatened by Two Bad Bills!
1/13/2009Idaho--Bill to be Introduced to Maintain Homeschool Freedoms
1/13/2009Ohio--Action Needed to Oppose Lakewood Ohio Daytime Curfew
1/13/2009Hawaii--Announcing the 2009 Annual Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii Conference!
1/7/2009HSLDA High School Symposium Online Registration Now Open