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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
March 2008

3/31/2008Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Discriminatory Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/27/2008New Hampshire--Action Needed to Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
3/27/2008Texas--Announcing the 24th Annual Arlington Texas Home School Book Fair
3/27/2008Michigan: Update on Homeschool Registration Bill
3/26/2008California--Court of Appeal Grants Petition for Re-hearing
3/26/2008Alabama--Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama Conference
3/26/2008Arkansas--2008 Annual Northwest Arkansas Home School Convention
3/26/2008Pennsylvania--Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania Convention
3/26/2008California--Announcing the 24th Annual Christian Family Schools Conference
3/26/2008Michigan: Your Attendance Needed for Home School Family Day at the Capitol!
3/26/2008Illinois: Your Attendance Needed for Homeschool Day at the Capitol
3/25/2008Colorado: Your Attendance Needed at the Homeschool Day at the Capitol
3/24/2008Connecticut: Calls Needed to Oppose Proposed Homeschool Statute
3/24/2008Michigan: Homeschool Freedom in Michigan under Attack!
3/24/2008Massachusetts--Home School Organization of Parent Educators Convention
3/24/2008Missouri--2008 Annual Southwest Home Education Ministry Conference
3/24/2008Tennessee: Testing Bill Dies!
3/20/2008Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bills
3/20/2008Nebraska--Governor Heineman Declares Nebraska Home Education Week!
3/19/2008Kansas--Action Still Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control Over Children!
3/19/2008Oklahoma--Annual Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation Convention
3/19/2008Georgia--22nd Annual Georgia Home Education Association Convention
3/19/2008Michigan- 25th Annual Information Network for Christian Homes Conference
3/19/2008New York--6th Annual Long Island New York City Home School Conference
3/19/2008Minnesota--Legislation to Advance Homeschool Freedom
3/18/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 Passed Senate, Calls Needed to Stop Bill in the House
3/11/2008Minnesota--Bills Introduced to Raise Compulsory School Attendance Age to 18
3/11/2008California State Superintendent Supports Right to Homeschool
3/11/2008Nebraska--You Sent A Powerful Message!
3/11/2008California--Pro-Homeschool Anderson Resolution
3/10/2008Rhode Island-- 2008 Annual Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers Conference
3/10/2008Nebraska--2008 Annual Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association Conference
3/10/2008Minnesota--Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators Conference
3/10/2008Maryland-- 2008 Annual Maryland State Homeschool Curriculum Fair
3/10/2008New Hampshire--Correction on More Calls to Oppose Changes to Homeschool Law
3/10/2008Indiana--23rd Annual Indiana Association of Home Educators Convention
3/10/2008Missouri--2008 Annual Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo
3/10/2008New Hampshire--More Calls Needed to Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
3/10/2008Washington--Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington Conference
3/10/2008California--22nd Annual Christian Home Educators Bay Area Convention
3/10/2008Alaska--2008 Annual Alaska Private and Home Educators Conference
3/10/2008Illinois--Annual Association of Peoria Area Christian Home Educators Convention
3/8/2008District of Columbia--Contact Board Members and Ask for More Time
3/7/2008Illinois--Your Voice Crucial in Preserving Traditional Family
3/7/2008Kansas--Action Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control Over Children!
3/7/2008California--Court against Home Schooling
3/7/2008Florida: Governor Declares Home Education Week March 30-April 6
3/6/2008Dobson Joins Fight to Defend Homeschool Freedom in California
3/6/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 Going to Full Senate Improved but Still a Threat
3/6/2008HSLDA--Response to Ruling of California Court of Appeal
3/4/2008Virginia: School Census Not Obligatory
3/4/2008District of Columbia--Tips on Testifying
3/4/2008Iowa: More Calls Needed to Stop State Power Grab Over 16- and 17-Year-Olds
3/4/2008New Hampshire--Calls Needed TODAY to Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
3/3/2008Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bills (Number 2)
3/3/2008Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bills (Number 1)
3/3/2008District of Columbia--Attend Hearing to Protect Homeschooling Freedom in D.C.!
3/3/2008California: Unfortunate Court Decision in California
3/3/2008Virginia--Two Homeschool Bills Head to Governor