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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
August 2007

8/28/2007Texas: Oppose the Harris County Daytime Curfew
8/24/2007Iowa--Reminder: CPI Form Filing Deadline September 15
8/24/2007Illinois: Registration Is Not Required as Some School Districts Assert
8/24/2007Wyoming--Clarification: Curriculum, Yes, Approval, No
8/21/2007New Hampshire--HSLDA Recommends Filing Letter of Intent with Private Schools
8/21/2007Indiana--Foundation for Home Schooling College and Career Prep Event
8/21/2007Ohio--Outdated Policy Creates Stir
8/21/2007Wyoming--Superintendents Want to Approve Your Plan
8/16/2007Virginia--HSLDA Attorney to Speak at Tri-City Support Group Meeting
8/15/2007HSLDA--Help Us Make an Anniversary DVD
8/13/2007Indiana--Announcing the Struggling Learner Conference
8/13/2007Vermont--Home Study Enrollment Reminder
8/3/2007Virginia--Virginia Beach Withdraws Course Content Description Demand