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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
July 2007

7/31/2007HSLDA--Member Discount for PHC Distance Learning
7/31/2007Arkansas--Notice of Intent Deadline
7/31/2007Georgia--Declaration of Intent Deadline
7/30/2007Tennessee--Notice of Intent Deadline
7/30/2007HSLDA--Job Opening Available
7/27/2007Texas Legislative Wrap-Up: It was a Good Year
7/26/2007West Virginia--'Marriage' Definition Withheld from Citizens
7/25/2007Mississippi--2007 Annual Christian Educators of Hattiesburg Convention
7/24/2007Oregon--Testing Deadline Approaching
7/24/2007Michigan: Calls Needed Stop Resolution to Expand Government
7/24/2007Virginia: Year-end Assessment, Notice of Intent Deadlines Approaching
7/23/2007HSLDA--Sign Online Petition for Parental Rights
7/20/2007HSLDA--Learn Constitutional Law with Michael Farris
7/20/2007Colorado: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/20/2007New Mexico: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/18/2007Florida: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/17/2007Texas--North Texas Home Educators Summer Conference & Bookfair
7/17/2007Virginia--Announcing the 2007 Tri-City Home Educators Support Group
7/11/2007HSLDA--Several Job Openings Available
7/10/2007California--Announcing the 2007 Tri-Counties Home Educators Network Conference
7/6/2007Montana: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/6/2007Alabama: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/6/2007Alaska: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/6/2007Arkansas: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/6/2007Georgia: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/6/2007North Dakota: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/6/2007Mississippi: Legislative Wrap-Up
7/6/2007Oregon: Wrap up--Freedom Safe after Legislature Closes
7/3/2007Florida: Announcing the 2007 Annual Northwest Florida Home School Convention
7/3/2007Georgia--Announcing the 2007 Annual Southeast Georgia HEEA Expo
7/3/2007Washington: Announcing the 2007 Annual WATCH Conference