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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
June 2007

6/29/2007Louisiana--TOPS Bill Passes Legislature!
6/28/2007Maryland--Legislative Wrap-up
6/27/2007Iowa--Legislative Wrap up
6/22/2007Louisiana--Update on TOPS Bill
6/20/2007Louisiana--Urgent Action Needed on TOPS Bill!
6/20/2007Nebraska--Legislative Wrap-Up
6/20/2007Minnesota--Legislative Wrap-Up
6/19/2007Tennessee--Announcing the 25th Annual CSTHEA Curriculum Fair
6/19/2007Arizona--Arizona Families for Home Education Convention and Curriculum Fair
6/18/2007Louisiana--Calls needed on TOPS Bill
6/18/2007Oregon: Calls Needed on Compulsory Attendance Bill
6/15/2007Nevada: Victory for Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/15/2007Louisiana--Update on TOPS Bill
6/15/2007Oregon: Update on Compulsory Attendance Bill
6/14/2007Louisiana--TOPS Bill Passes Committee, Goes to Floor
6/14/2007Tennessee--Annual West Tennessee Home Education Association Curricula Fair
6/12/2007Kentucky--Annual Christian Home Educators of Kentucky Conference
6/12/2007Virginia--Announcing the 2007 Annual North Virginia Home Education Conference
6/12/2007Florida--Annual Home Education Resource and Information Conference
6/12/2007Louisiana--Announcing the 2007 Christian Home Educators Fellowship Conference
6/12/2007California--Annual Christian Home Educators Association Convention
6/11/2007New Hampshire: S.B.18 Update--Not Effective Until July 1, 2009
6/8/2007New Hampshire--Clarifying S.B. 18
6/8/2007California: AB 1236 Joint Legislative Newsflash - June 7, 2007
6/8/2007Louisiana--Hearing Scheduled on TOPS Bill!
6/6/2007Oregon: Urgent--Calls Needed to Prevent Mandatory School for 6-Year-Olds
6/6/2007New York--Your Voice Crucial in Preserving Traditional Family!
6/5/2007New Hampshire--Final Vote is Tomorrow on S.B. 18
6/1/2007California: AB 755 Joint Legislative Newsflash - June 1, 2007