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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
May 2007

5/31/2007Nevada: Calls Needed Now for Homeschool Freedom Bill
5/31/2007North Carolina: Update on the Defense of Marriage Amendment
5/30/2007Oregon--2007 Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Curriculum Show
5/30/2007Maryland--Announcing the 2007 Annual Catholic Family Expo
5/30/2007Tennessee--Smoky Mountain Home Education Association Family Resource Fair
5/30/2007Alabama--Annual Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama Convention
5/30/2007Nevada--Announcing the 2007 Annual Southern Nevada Home School Convention
5/30/2007Vermont--Legislative Wrap-Up
5/30/2007Maine--Come to 'Homeschool Day at the Capitol' June 12!
5/29/2007Arkansas--First-Ever Northwest Arkansas Homeschool Convention
5/29/2007South Carolina--Anti-Lobbying Bill Set for Hearing for Today
5/25/2007Texas: HB 1250 - Bill is going to the Governor
5/25/2007Texas: Calls Needed to Restore Parental Rights
5/24/2007North Carolina--Calls Needed for Defense of Marriage Amendment
5/23/2007New Hampshire--More Calls Needed to Defend Parents from Governmental Intrusion
5/22/2007HSLDA: Final Vote on Federal Lobbying Reform Bill on Thursday
5/22/2007Texas: Please Call to Support College Scholarships
5/22/2007Texas: Bill Would End Parent-Taught Driver's Education
5/22/2007Nevada: Call to Stop the Expansion of State Control over Your Children
5/21/2007Colorado--8th Annual Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference
5/21/2007Texas--Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas Convention
5/21/2007Ohio--Announcing the 23rd Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
5/21/2007New Hampshire--Your Voice Crucial in Preserving Traditional Family
5/21/2007Nevada: Update on Homeschool Freedom Bill Hearing
5/17/2007HSLDA--Air Force Looking for Homeschool Graduates
5/17/2007Oregon--Calls Urgently Needed to Stop Lowering School Attendance Age
5/17/2007Nevada: Calls Needed Now for Homeschool Freedom Bill
5/16/2007Montana--Montana State-Wide Home Educators Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/16/2007HSLDA: More Calls Needed to Protect Grassroots Lobbying
5/15/2007Pennsylvania--SouthEastern Area Christian Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania
5/15/2007South Carolina--2007 Annual South Carolina Home Educators Convention
5/15/2007Colorado--Annual Christian Home Educators of Colorado Family Conference
5/15/2007Washington--Annual Washington Homeschool Organization Convention
5/14/2007Nevada: Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Unanimously!
5/14/2007New Hampshire--More Calls Needed to Resist State Control Over Homeschools!
5/14/2007South Carolina--Calls Needed to Stop Anti-Lobbying Bill
5/11/2007New Hampshire--Calls Needed to the Governor to Defend Traditional Family
5/11/2007HSLDA: Calls Needed Protect Grassroots Lobbying from Federal Control
5/10/2007HSLDA: New Strategy for Securing Homeschool Freedom in Germany
5/10/2007Massachusetts--Compulsory Attendance Hearing Update
5/9/2007Texas--Announcing the 21st Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/9/2007Iowa--15th Annual Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators Convention
5/9/2007Tennessee--21st Annual Memphis-Area Home Educators Association Conference
5/9/2007Virginia--24th Home Educators Association of Virginia Convention
5/9/2007Idaho--2007 Annual Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State Convention
5/9/2007West Virginia--2007 Christian Home Educators of West Virginia Conference
5/9/2007California--Annual Christian Home Educators of Fresno Area Convention
5/9/2007Connecticut--Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers Convention
5/9/2007Oregon: Calls Needed to Oppose Expanded Control Over Children
5/8/2007Illinois: Your Calls Needed to Protect Traditional Marriage
5/7/2007Massachusetts--Action Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control Over Children!
5/4/2007South Carolina: 2007 SC BRIDGE Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/2/2007Oregon: Calls Needed to Defeat Bill That Lowers School Age to 6
5/2/2007Vermont--More Action Needed to Oppose Prekindergarten Bill
5/2/2007Wisconsin--2007 Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Association Convention
5/2/2007California--Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators Conference
5/2/2007Minnesota-- Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/2/2007New Jersey--Announcing the 17th Annual New Jersey Home School Convention
5/2/2007Kansas--Announcing the 2007 Annual Teaching Parent Association Convention