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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
January 2006

1/30/2006Virginia--Victory for Homeschool Freedom Bill
1/30/2006Maryland--Make Your Voice Heard at the State House
1/30/2006Indiana--Sponsor to Remove Curfew Provisions
1/30/2006Kentucky--Calls Needed to Oppose Driver's License Bill
1/30/2006South Dakota--Update--South Dakota Highlighted in Washington Times
1/30/2006Indiana--Possible Vote Tomorrow on Daytime Curfew Bill
1/27/2006Washington--Calls Needed to Hold CPS Accountable
1/27/2006Indiana--Calls Needed to Stop Daytime Curfew Bill
1/27/2006Virginia--Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom Bill
1/27/2006Washington--Calls Needed on CPS Investigations
1/26/2006Update: South Dakota--Dangerous Bill Defeated
1/26/2006New York--A Request to Help Expand Testing Choices
1/26/2006North Carolina-- GIFTSNC Home Schooling Special Needs Conference
1/25/2006Virginia--Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom Bill
1/25/2006Virginia-UPDATE-Subcommittee Rejects Giving Control to Superintendents
1/25/2006South Dakota--Calls Needed to Protect Homeschool Freedom
1/24/2006Hawaii -- Calls Needed to Stop Mandatory Kindergarten
1/24/2006Mass.--Calls Needed to Stop Compulsory Attendance Age Expansion
1/24/2006Florida--Calls Needed to Prevent Expansion of State Control
1/24/2006New Hampshire - No Homeschool Exemption in Senate Bill 268
1/23/2006TX - Announcing the 10th Annual Winter Gulf Coast Home Education Conf.
1/23/2006MI - Announcing the 10th Annual 2006 Mid-Winter Home Educator's Conf.
1/23/2006South Dakota--Unconstitutional Plan to Restrict Homeschool Freedom
1/20/2006HSLDA: Calls Needed to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
1/19/2006HSLDA: Calls Needed to Colorado Senator to Withdraw Harmful Bill
1/19/2006HSLDA: New Hampshire--Bill Enhancing Homeschool Freedom Heads to Governor
1/18/2006HSLDA: Limited Time Membership Special
1/17/2006HSLDA--'Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Homeschooling Family'
1/13/2006HSLDA--Act Now to Stop House Bill 537
1/12/2006HSLDA: New Hampshire--Crucial Vote Next Week
1/12/2006HSLDA--Breakthrough on PSAT and AP in Virginia Beach
1/10/2006Kansas Homeschoolers Ready to Impact the State Capitol
1/3/2006Texas--Announcing the Tenth Annual Winter Gulf Coast Home Education Conference