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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
January 2005

1/31/2005Utah--E-mails needed: Bill introduced to expand homeschool freedoms!
1/28/2005Maryland Homeschoolers Ready to Impact the State Capitol
1/27/2005Indiana--Urgent: Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Age Increase
1/27/2005Title Correction--Homeschool Freedom Threatened in Montana
1/27/2005Homeschool Freedom Threatened in Montana
1/27/2005North Dakota--Calls Needed to Pass Positive Homeschool Legislation
1/26/2005Hawaii--Calls Needed: To Stop Five-Year-Olds Being Required to Attend School
1/25/2005Utah--Bill Introduced to Support a Parent's Right to Make Medical Decisions for a Child
1/24/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Stop Bill that Opens Door to Mandatory Kindergarten
1/24/2005Wyoming--Calls Needed to Defend Marriage!
1/24/2005Indiana--Calls Needed--Religious Freedom Hangs in the Balance
1/21/2005New Mexico--Calls Needed to Stop a Bill that Requires Homeschoolers to Take the State Assessment!
1/21/2005Generation Joshua/Templeton Essay Contest - $80,000 of Patrick Henry College Scholarships Available
1/21/2005Progress in Wyoming
1/21/2005North Dakota--Report on Homeschool Bill
1/20/2005South Dakota--Homeschoolers Defeat Onerous Testing Bill
1/20/2005Job Opportunities at HSLDA
1/19/2005Wyoming--Bill Introduced to Restrict Parental Freedoms
1/19/2005South Dakota--Revised List of Senate Education Committee Members
1/18/2005South Dakota--Calls Needed Now to Stop Bill Reducing Homeschool Freedom
1/14/2005Proposed Marriage Amendment to the Virginia Constitution
1/14/2005Texas--Announcing the North Texas Home Educators Network Winter Conference
1/14/2005North Dakota - Calls Needed to House Education Committee
1/14/2005Ohio--Victory for Families in Ohio!
1/12/2005Oregon--Bill Threatens Homeschool Freedom!
1/11/2005Kentucky--School Officials Make Unwanted Visits to Homeschoolers in Harlan County
1/10/2005"Homeschooling Illegal" Declares German School Official - Calls Needed Now!
1/6/2005Job Opportunities at HSLDA
1/4/2005Rhode Island--Bristol Warren Discusses Dramatic Increase in Homeschool Regulations