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August 2004

8/30/2004Maine--A Quick Review of Maine's New Homeschool Procedures
8/27/2004Virginia--Franklin County Public Schools Retreats from Unlawful Demands
8/27/2004Florida--Homeschoolers Object to Misuse of Portfolio Reviews
8/27/2004Washington--HSLDA Provides Declaration of Intent Form
8/26/2004Colorado--Calls Needed to Protect Parent-Taught Driver's Education
8/24/2004California--Urgent: Your Help is Needed to Protect Our Freedoms!
8/24/2004Virginia--Wise County Schools to Correct Errors
8/24/2004West Virginia--High Court Flip-Flops on Sports Access Appeal; Tough Questions Remain
8/19/2004Indiana--Mike Farris to Speak at Worldview Weekend Conference
8/19/2004Virginia--HSLDA Continues to Watch Virginia School Districts
8/18/2004Don't Change a System which Works for Homeschoolers
8/12/2004Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris begins September 7, 2004
8/12/2004Homeschoolers Continue to Excel in the Military
8/12/2004Calls Needed - To Stop California from Lowering the Compulsory Attendance Age
8/10/2004Three Public School Districts 'Reach Out' to Homeschoolers
8/6/2004Pennsylvania--Homeschoolers' Religious Freedom Case Can Proceed
8/5/2004Fox News Cancels Appearance with Mike Farris
8/3/2004Illinois--New Mental Health Law: Potential Risk to Homeschoolers
8/2/2004New York--Please Call Again on Homeschool Freedom Bill!
8/2/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA