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June 2004

6/30/2004Iowa--Clinton Community Schools Make Unlawful Request
6/29/2004New York--Deadline Extended for Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/25/2004Georgia--Announcing the 2004 Southeast Homeschool Expo
6/23/2004Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of Health Service Requirements
6/22/2004New York--Final Push For Homeschool Freedom--Session is Ending!
6/21/2004Alabama--Montgomery City Council Upholds Mayor's Veto
6/18/2004New York--Calls Needed Daily To Help Stop College Discrimination
6/17/2004Illinois--Calls Still Needed to Urge Governor to Veto Compulsory Attendance Bill
6/15/2004New York--Calls Needed To Help Stop College Discrimination
6/15/2004New York--Only a Few Days Left--Call Now to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill!
6/10/2004New York--Only a Few Weeks Left--Call Now to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill!
6/10/2004South Carolina--Driver's License Bill is Dead
6/9/2004HSLDA's Generation Joshua--America Needs Your Help!
6/9/2004Generation Joshua - Making a Difference in New York
6/8/2004Oklahoma--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEF of Oklahoma Home Educators Conference and Book Fair
6/8/2004South Dakota--Discriminatory Rule Approved Over Opposition
6/4/2004Alabama--Mayor Vetoes Montgomery Daytime Curfew
6/3/2004Idaho--Distance Education Academy - Bad Deal for Homeschoolers
6/3/2004Southern Baptist Homeschool Resolution
6/3/2004Alabama--Calls Needed Now To Stop Harmful Curfew
6/2/2004Tennessee--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
6/2/2004Iowa--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
6/1/2004South Dakota--Calls Needed to Stop Discriminatory Rule