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12/10/2004New Jersey--Daytime Curfew Bill Scheduled for Vote Monday
12/6/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
12/3/2004Learn Constitutional Law with Michael Farris
11/29/2004Celebrate Christmas with Patrick Henry College
11/15/2004Action Alert - Please Keep Calling - Oppose Senator Arlen Specter for Chairman
11/9/2004Oppose Senator Arlen Specter for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman
11/4/2004HSLDA Member Discount for DL Tuition
11/1/2004Washington--Vital Information on Tomorrows Charter School Referendum - Referendum 55
10/27/2004Utah--Vote "Yes" on Amendment 3
10/25/2004Washington--Yakima Truancy Policy Limits Freedom
10/25/2004HSLDA --Organize your homeschool and support freedom
10/22/2004New Jersey: Homeschool Vouchers Neither Wanted nor Needed
10/14/2004Florida--Homeschoolers Subject to Harassment by Blanket Portfolio Reviews
10/8/2004New Jersey--Philadelphia Inquirer seeking unrepresentative homeschool family?
10/7/2004Massachusetts--Ashburnham Forum
10/6/2004Massachusetts--Help Defend Homeschooling!
10/1/2004Homeschool Dad on the Frontlines
9/27/2004New York--Breakthrough for Homeschoolers Seeking Admission to New York Colleges
9/24/2004Setting the Record Straight About a Military Draft
9/23/2004Utah--Vote for Traditional Marriage!
9/22/2004Michigan--Homeschoolers Portrayed as
9/22/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
9/20/2004New Jersey--Bill Would Outlaw Homeschooling for Some Kids Who Need It the Most
9/14/2004Rhode Island--Changes to the Compulsory Education Law
9/14/2004Wyoming--Correction: Family Values Legislative Training Conference
9/8/2004Wyoming--Fighting for Freedom in Wyoming
9/3/2004Last Month For Voter Registration Drives
9/1/2004Persecution of German Homeschoolers Intensifies - Help Needed!
8/30/2004Maine--A Quick Review of Maine's New Homeschool Procedures
8/27/2004Virginia--Franklin County Public Schools Retreats from Unlawful Demands
8/27/2004Florida--Homeschoolers Object to Misuse of Portfolio Reviews
8/27/2004Washington--HSLDA Provides Declaration of Intent Form
8/26/2004Colorado--Calls Needed to Protect Parent-Taught Driver's Education
8/24/2004California--Urgent: Your Help is Needed to Protect Our Freedoms!
8/24/2004Virginia--Wise County Schools to Correct Errors
8/24/2004West Virginia--High Court Flip-Flops on Sports Access Appeal; Tough Questions Remain
8/19/2004Indiana--Mike Farris to Speak at Worldview Weekend Conference
8/19/2004Virginia--HSLDA Continues to Watch Virginia School Districts
8/18/2004Don't Change a System which Works for Homeschoolers
8/12/2004Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris begins September 7, 2004
8/12/2004Homeschoolers Continue to Excel in the Military
8/12/2004Calls Needed - To Stop California from Lowering the Compulsory Attendance Age
8/10/2004Three Public School Districts 'Reach Out' to Homeschoolers
8/6/2004Pennsylvania--Homeschoolers' Religious Freedom Case Can Proceed
8/5/2004Fox News Cancels Appearance with Mike Farris
8/3/2004Illinois--New Mental Health Law: Potential Risk to Homeschoolers
8/2/2004New York--Please Call Again on Homeschool Freedom Bill!
8/2/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
7/30/2004Ohio--Check Teacher Certification Online
7/29/2004Pennsylvania--Mike Farris Defends Family's Religious Freedom in Westmoreland County
7/29/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
7/21/2004Ohio--Frequently Asked Questions at the Beginning of the Public School Year
7/21/2004Wyoming--Wyoming Wants Your Opinion!
7/19/2004HSLDA gives you peace of mind and much, much more.
7/16/2004Distance Learning Tuition Discount for Patrick Henry College
7/13/2004New York--Urgent! Calls Needed to Stop Bill Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age!
7/12/2004Ohio--Columbus Public Schools Violate Privacy-Again!
7/9/2004Texas--Announcing the 9th Annual North Texas Home Educators' Network 2004 Summer Homeschool Conference and Book fair
7/1/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
6/30/2004Iowa--Clinton Community Schools Make Unlawful Request
6/29/2004New York--Deadline Extended for Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/25/2004Georgia--Announcing the 2004 Southeast Homeschool Expo
6/23/2004Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of Health Service Requirements
6/22/2004New York--Final Push For Homeschool Freedom--Session is Ending!
6/21/2004Alabama--Montgomery City Council Upholds Mayor's Veto
6/18/2004New York--Calls Needed Daily To Help Stop College Discrimination
6/17/2004Illinois--Calls Still Needed to Urge Governor to Veto Compulsory Attendance Bill
6/15/2004New York--Calls Needed To Help Stop College Discrimination
6/15/2004New York--Only a Few Days Left--Call Now to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill!
6/10/2004New York--Only a Few Weeks Left--Call Now to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill!
6/10/2004South Carolina--Driver's License Bill is Dead
6/9/2004HSLDA's Generation Joshua--America Needs Your Help!
6/9/2004Generation Joshua - Making a Difference in New York
6/8/2004Oklahoma--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEF of Oklahoma Home Educators Conference and Book Fair
6/8/2004South Dakota--Discriminatory Rule Approved Over Opposition
6/4/2004Alabama--Mayor Vetoes Montgomery Daytime Curfew
6/3/2004Idaho--Distance Education Academy - Bad Deal for Homeschoolers
6/3/2004Southern Baptist Homeschool Resolution
6/3/2004Alabama--Calls Needed Now To Stop Harmful Curfew
6/2/2004Tennessee--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
6/2/2004Iowa--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
6/1/2004South Dakota--Calls Needed to Stop Discriminatory Rule
5/28/2004California--Announcing the 21st Annual Christian Home Educators Convention
5/28/2004New Jersey--Rally A Huge Success; Bill Could Be Heard Thursday
5/27/2004Virginia--Governor Vetoes Homeschool Freedom Bill
5/27/2004Illinois--More Calls Needed to Governor to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/27/2004Oregon--Your Calls Needed To Stop Future Bad Legislation In Oregon!
5/26/2004Union County New Jersey: Request for an Interview
5/24/2004Opportunity for the Lynchburg Community--National Forensics Tournament
5/21/2004New Jersey--Rally Monday! Final Reminder
5/19/2004Arizona--Calls needed-Homeschoolers Fight for Equal Treatment in College Admissions
5/19/2004South Carolina--Committee Action on Driver's License Bill
5/18/2004New Jersey--Statewide Rally May 24 To Oppose A1918
5/18/2004Oklahoma--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEF of Oklahoma Home Educators Conference and Book Fair
5/18/2004Oregon--Come to Salem to Protect Your Homeschool Freedom!
5/18/2004Minnesota--Senate Rejects Homeschool-Friendly Education Commissioner
5/17/2004Iowa--Governor Vilsack Vetoes Drivers Education Bill
5/17/2004District of Columbia--More Efficient Misinformation
5/14/2004New Jersey--Hearing on A1918 Postponed, Weinberg Changes Strategy
5/13/2004New Jersey--Urgent: Calls and Visits Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschooling Free
5/13/2004Missouri--SB 968--Stop Calls for Now
5/13/2004Illinois--Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/13/2004Virginia--Calls Needed to Urge Governor to Sign Homeschool Freedom Bill
5/13/2004Iowa--Announcing the 12th Annual Home Educator's Conference
5/13/2004Virginia--Announcing the 21st Annual HEAV State Convention & Educational Fair
5/13/2004Idaho--Announcing the CHOIS 2004 Convention Building a Legacy of Love
5/12/2004Missouri--Urgent: Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Increase
5/12/2004South Carolina--Update on Driver's License Bill
5/11/2004North Carolina--Charlotte Based Newspaper Attacks Homeschooling
5/11/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
5/10/2004South Carolina--Calls Needed to House Committee - Back Door Attack on Homeschooling
5/7/2004New York--Reminder: We Need You at the Rally for Homeschool Freedom in Albany!
5/6/2004Arizona--Write to Your Regents!
5/5/2004New York--We Need You at the Rally for Homeschool Freedom in Albany!
5/5/2004Texas--Announcing the 18th Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/5/2004Tennessee--Announcing the 2004 MHEA Teaching Enrichment Weekend
5/5/2004Kansas--Announcing the 2004 Teaching Parent Association Home School Conference
5/5/2004New York--Announcing the 20th Annual New York State LEAH Home Education Family Conference.
5/5/2004Vermont--Progress in Vermont
5/4/2004New Jersey--Hearing on A1918 Postponed
5/3/2004New Jersey--Urgent:Calls Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschooling Free
4/30/2004Final Free Performance of the Patrick Henry College Orchestra
4/29/2004Louisiana--Working for Freedom in Louisiana
4/29/2004Arizona--Contact the Board of Regents Now!
4/29/2004Minnesota--Call Your Senator Today!
4/29/2004South Carolina--Calls Needed - Help Pass Education Tax Credits
4/29/2004Iowa - Calls Needed - Governor Delays Homeschool Driver's Education Bill
4/28/2004Arkansas--Announcing the Arkansas Home School Convention
4/28/2004North Carolina--Announcing the Annual NCHE Conference
4/28/2004Florida--Announcing the 17th annual FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention
4/27/2004Invitation to a Free Classical Education Seminar
4/27/2004Louisiana--Homeschool Day at the Capitol
4/21/2004Virginia--House Rejects Governor's Amendments, Calls Needed
4/21/2004Illinois--Announcing the ICHE 2004 Annual State Convention
4/21/2004California--Announcing the SCOPE Home Education Conference & Curriculum Fair
4/21/2004Wyoming--Announcing the 2004 HOW Convention
4/21/2004West Virginia--Announcing the 2004 Annual Conference and Graduation
4/21/2004Tennessee--Announcing the 2004 MTHEA Curriculum Fair
4/21/2004Wisconsin--Announcing the Wisconsin CHEA Annual Spring Conference
4/20/2004Indiana--Homeschool Parents Quickly Needed for Governor's Commission
4/19/2004Virginia--Governor Warner Amends Homeschool Freedom bill--Calls Needed Now to Override
4/16/2004Virginia--Announcing the 18th Annual 2004 Mid-Atlantic Expo and Curriculum Fair.
4/16/2004Michigan--Announcing the 21st Annual Michigan Home Educators Convention, Sponsored by Information Network for Christian Homes.
4/16/2004Texas--Announcing the 14th Annual FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair
4/16/2004Mississippi--Announcing the Mississippi Home Educators Association Nineteenth Annual Spring Conference
4/16/2004California--Announcing the Christian Family Schools 20th Annual Home School Expo
4/16/2004Wyoming--Eternal Vigilance Required
4/14/2004New York--Announcing the 2nd Annual Long Island / NYS LEAH Homeschool Convention
4/8/2004New York--More Calls Needed to Board of Regents!
4/8/2004Texas--Announcing the Arlington Annual Book Fair
4/8/2004Illinois--Announcing the 2004 Starlight Home School Fair
4/8/2004Pennsylvania--Announcing the Christian Home School Association of Pennsylvania Convention
4/6/2004Virginia--Announcing the 13th Annual Fredericksburg Area Curriculum Fair
4/6/2004Maryland--Announcing the 2nd Annual Northeastern Maryland Homeschool Expo
4/6/2004Oklahoma--Announcing the Christian Home Educator's Convention
4/6/2004Georgia--Announcing the Georgia Home Education Association Conference
4/2/2004Virginia--Calls Still Needed to Governor to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill
4/2/2004Last Chance for Early Registration Discount to PHC Teen Camps
4/1/2004Iowa--Homeschool Driver's Education Heads to Governor
4/1/2004Colorado--Come Support Freedom at the "Homeschool Day at the Capitol"
3/30/2004Illinois--Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/30/2004Iowa--URGENT-Come to Capitol Tomorrow to help Driver Ed Bill
3/30/2004Vermont--Hearing on parent-taught driver's ed bill!
3/30/2004Iowa--Calls Needed Immediately For Driver's Education Bill
3/29/2004Iowa--Victory in Iowa for Driver's Education in Senate Committee!
3/24/2004New Mexico--Announcing the 2004 New Mexico Christian Home School Convention
3/24/2004Massachusetts--Announcing the 15th Annual MassHOPE Christian Homeschool Convention
3/24/2004Maryland--Announcing the Annual MACHE Curriculum Fair
3/24/2004Maryland--Announcing the Annual MACHE Curriculum Fair
3/24/2004Pennsylvania--Announcement of CHAP HELP Day at the State Capitol
3/24/2004Virginia--Calls Needed to Governor to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/19/2004Maine--Announcing the 2004 HOME Convention
3/19/2004Minnesota--Announcing the 19th Annual MACHE Homeschool Conference
3/19/2004Washington--Announcing the 10th Annual WATCH Conference
3/19/2004Louisiana-Announcing the Annual CHEF of LA State Homeschool Convention
3/19/2004Virginia-Announcing the 2004 Blue Ridge Home Education Conference
3/19/2004Pennsylvania-Announcing the 2004 SEARCH of PA Conference
3/19/2004Kansas-Announcing the 2004 Midwest Parent Educators Conference
3/19/2004Illinois-Announcing the 15th Annual Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators
3/19/2004California--Announcing the 18th Annual CHEA of CA Bay Area Convention
3/18/2004Maryland -- Victory on SB 345!
3/18/2004Pennsylvania--CORRECTION - House Bill 36 Passes House Education Committee
3/18/2004Pennsylvania--Calls Needed:Attempts to Expand Compulsory Attendance Age
3/18/2004Maryland--Compulsory Attendance Bill Withdrawn
3/17/2004New York--Calls Needed to Senate to Stop Discrimination Against College Bound Homeschoolers!
3/16/2004Virginia--Letters Needed to Governor to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/16/2004Nevada--Homeschoolers Win Victory
3/16/2004Virginia--Homeschoolers Proved Right by Attorney General's Office
3/16/2004Virginia--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
3/15/2004Maryland--Calls Needed-Hearing on Bill to Raise Compulsory Age to 18
3/15/2004Pennsylvania--Calls Needed: Attempts to Expand Compulsory Attendance Age
3/15/2004Kentucky--Announcing the Southeast Christian Church Home Educators Meeting
3/15/2004New Jersey--Letters Needed--Cosmetology Board Postpones Decision
3/15/2004Utah--End of Legislative Session - Some Progress Made
3/12/2004Nebraska--Announcing the NCHEA 2004 Conference & Curriculum Fair
3/12/2004Tennessee--Testing of Homeschoolers
3/12/2004New Hampshire--Announcing the 2004 CHENH State Homeschool Convention
3/12/2004Kentucky--Your Calls Made a Difference!
3/12/2004Iowa--Victory in House for Parent-Taught Driver's Ed!
3/12/2004HSLDA Files Emergency Appeal
3/12/2004Wyoming--Out of Time for HB 88
3/11/2004German Homeschoolers Thankful for Help from HSLDA Members
3/11/2004Colorado--Immunization Tracking Bill Defeated
3/11/2004New York--Help Stop State College Discrimination of Homeschool Students!
3/11/2004Kentucky--Calls Needed to Protect Homeschoolers' Right to Drive
3/11/2004Utah--Legislature Fails to Make Federally Mandated Changes
3/10/2004Teen Camp Discount for HSLDA Members
3/10/2004Vermont--Homeschoolers versus Drivers Education Teachers
3/10/2004Alaska--Your Calls Stopped School Tracking Bill!
3/9/2004Nebraska--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Increased Control Over Homeschoolers!
3/9/2004Iowa--Calls Needed Urgently: Mascher Tries to Hijack Drivers Education Bill
3/8/2004Maryland--Calls Needed: Bill Turns Truancy Into Child Abuse
3/8/2004New Jersey--Homeschool Graduate's License in the Balance
3/5/2004Utah--Homeschool Victory!
3/4/2004Illinois-Child Welfare Investigation Reform Passes Senate!
3/4/2004Join us in preserving and protecting homeschool freedom.
3/4/2004West Virginia--Update - Victory on Immunization bill - SB 439!
3/4/2004Idaho--Homeschoolers Defeat Several Bills
3/3/2004Utah--Announcing the Utah Christian Home School Conference
3/3/2004West Virginia--Urgent: Calls Needed Today Before Key Vote
3/3/2004Tennessee--Victory for Homeschool Freedom - Testing Bill Withdrawn!
3/3/2004Virginia--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate
3/2/2004Iowa--Calls Needed-Parent Directed Driver Ed Heads For Crucial Vote
3/2/2004Hawaii--Announcing the 2004 CHOH Conference
3/1/2004Invitation for HSLDA Members and Friends
3/1/2004Kentucky--"Voluntary" Certification of Homeschoolers in Kentucky
3/1/2004Tennessee--Subcommittee Hearing on Homeschool Testing Bill Cancelled
3/1/2004Hawaii--Homeschool Parent & Support Group Seminar
2/27/2004West Virginia--Urgent-Calls Needed Monday-Committee To Vote on Harmful Immunization Bill
2/27/2004Utah--Good News! HB 266 has passed the House!
2/26/2004Idaho--Calls Needed: Idaho Attempts to Expand Compulsory Attendance Age
2/26/2004Tennessee--Hearing on Homeschool Testing Bill--Calls Needed Immediately!
2/26/2004Virginia--Urgent: Calls Needed to Pass Homeschool Bill in the Senate
2/26/2004Illinois--Child Welfare Investigation Reform Passed Unanimously!
2/26/2004Arizona--Your Calls Worked!
2/25/2004Virginia--Calls Needed: Homeschool Bill Scheduled for Revote Tomorrow
2/25/2004Alaska--Announcing the 2004 APHEA Homeschool Convention
2/24/2004West Virginia--Urgent-Calls needed to Stop Immunization Bill after Sham Amendment
2/24/2004Idaho--Anti-Homeschool Bill Defeated
2/23/2004Virginia--Old Prejudices Against Homeschooling Revealed in Hearing
2/23/2004New York--Please Call Now to Help Pass Homeschool Freedom Bills!
2/23/2004West Virginia--Calls Needed to Stop Bill Undermining Parent Authority on Immunization
2/23/2004Wyoming-Your calls worked! HB 88 is being amended
2/20/2004Arizona--Oppose Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age!
2/20/2004Georgia--Announcement of Home Education Day at the State Capitol
2/19/2004Wyoming--Urgent: 18 hours to stop HB 88 in the House!
2/19/2004Virginia--Homeschool Bill Hearing Tomorrow
2/18/2004Utah--End Government Discrimination Against Homeschoolers
2/18/2004Arizona--Calls Needed for Scholarship Credits
2/18/2004Idaho--Calls Still Needed to Defeat Bill that Targets Homeschoolers
2/17/2004Wyoming--Calls Needed To Amend HB 88!
2/17/2004Alaska--Update-Hearing on Tracking Bill Postponed!
2/17/2004Oklahoma--Update SB 895 - Homeschoolers Help Defeat Math Test as Driver Qualification
2/17/2004Texas--Two Homeschool Families Facing Truancy and Neglect Charges Win Dismissals
2/13/2004Alaska--Calls Needed Now! - Bill to Create Identification Tracking Number for Homeschoolers
2/13/2004Virginia--Homeschool Bill Passes Subcommittee -- One More Hearing to Go!
2/13/2004Oklahoma- -Calls needed--Bill to Make Driver's License Hostage to State Math Test
2/13/2004Wyoming - Calls Needed To Protect Parental Rights
2/13/2004Minnesota--Homeschoolers Respond-Will the Sponsor?
2/12/2004South Dakota--Homeschool Monitoring Bill Dies Quiet Death
2/12/2004Colorado--Child Welfare Investigation Reform Passed Unanimously!
2/12/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
2/11/2004Kentucky--County Demands More Information
2/11/2004Kentucky--County Demands More Information
2/10/2004Virginia--Senate Hearing Rescheduled but Calls Still Needed for Homeschool Bill
2/10/2004Virginia--Senate Hearing Rescheduled but Calls Still Needed for Homeschool Bill
2/10/2004Update on Marriage Amendment - Action Needed
2/10/2004Washington--Anti-Homeschool Bill Stopped! -Senate Bill 6450
2/10/2004Minnesota--Calls needed to stop Homeschool regulation bill
2/10/2004Wisconsin Virtual Academy: A Trojan Horse
2/9/2004Calls Needed to Defeat Bill that Targets Homeschoolers
2/9/2004Update on Assembly Bill 1892-A
2/9/2004Update--HB 675--Homeschool Freedom Bill
2/9/2004Want your home school kids to help change America?
2/5/2004Preserve the Institution of Marriage -- URGENT
2/4/2004New York--Calls Needed to Help Pass the Homeschool Freedom Bills This Year!
2/4/2004Virginia--Two Victories for Home Schoolers in Virginia Assembly!
2/2/2004Vermont--Your Calls are Making a Difference
1/30/2004Virginia--Urgent - Calls Needed Monday Morning to Pass the Home School Bill!
1/30/2004South Dakota--Calls Urgently Needed to Stop Compulsory Attendance Bill
1/30/2004New York--Urgent! Calls Needed to Stop Bill Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age
1/30/2004South Dakota--Mandatory Monitoring Bill Likely to Flunk First Test
1/29/2004Ohio--Update: SB 100 - Requiring Pastors to Report Child Abuse
1/29/2004Vermont--Update: Signs of Progress on House Bill 560
1/29/2004Arizona--Announcing the Heart of Home Schooling Conference
1/28/2004Virginia--Urgent: Calls Needed on Curriculum Freedom Bill
1/28/2004Indiana--Senate may restrict homeschool freedom for teenagers - calls needed
1/27/2004Virginia--Urgent Calls Needed Today to Pass Homeschool Bill!
1/23/2004Virginia--Home School Bill Hearing on Monday, Need Your Attendance at Hearing!
1/23/2004Tennessee--Update on Mandatory State Testing of all Homeschool High School Students, More Calls Needed!
1/23/2004New Jersey--Update: Weinberg Re-files Homeschool Bill
1/22/2004Nebraska--Update: Compulsory Attendance bill LB 868
1/21/2004Tennessee--Mandatory State Testing of all Homeschool High School Students Threatened, Calls Needed!
1/20/2004Vermont--Homeschool Drivers Ed Options Proposed in Vermont
1/16/2004Maryland--Homeschoolers Invited to "Shine" at State House
1/16/2004Ohio--Calls Needed to Protect Religious Liberty and Parental Rights
1/15/2004Nebraska--New Bill Aims to Restrict Homeschool Freedoms
1/14/2004California--Victory For Homeschool Family In San Diego
1/13/2004New Jersey--Homeschoolers Preempt Stealth Passage of AB 4033
1/9/2004New Jersey--Update on A.B. 4033
1/9/2004New Jersey--Highly Urgent, Calls and Visits Needed TODAY to stop AB 4033
1/6/2004New Jersey -- Restrictive Homeschool Law Proposed, calls needed immediately