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June 2003

6/30/2003Idaho--Threat of Homeschool Restrictions Averted For Now
6/30/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Carried Over to Next Year
6/30/2003Arizona--Announcing the 20th Annual Arizona Home Education Convention
6/27/2003West Virginia--New Homeschool Law Now in Effect
6/26/2003Maryland--Board Adopts New Homeschool Regulations
6/25/2003Kentucky--2003 CHEK Conference Announcement: Correction
6/25/2003Louisiana--Legislature Adjourns with Mixed Results
6/24/2003Alabama--Announcing the CHEF of AL 2003 State Home School Convention
6/24/2003Kentucky--Announcing the 2003 CHEK Conference
6/24/2003California--Announcing the 20th Annual CHEA of CA Convention
6/23/2003Oregon--Governor Vetoes Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/23/2003Idaho--Task Force Considers Regulating Homeschoolers; Urgent Email Needed
6/20/2003Maine-New Homeschool Law Effective Immediately
6/19/2003Pennsylvania-Bill Would Force Homeschoolers to Report to the State Three Additional Years; Your Calls Needed
6/19/2003Ohio-New Bill Would Make Pastors Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters
6/18/2003Iowa--Online Public School Program Problematic for Homeschoolers
6/17/2003Illinois--Another Bill to Expand Compulsory School Age
6/16/2003New York--3 Days Left to Call on Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/16/2003Hawaii--Online Charter Schools: A Trojan Horse
6/13/2003Minnesota--Legislation Restores Homeschool Privacy
6/12/2003New Jersey--Assembly Bill Raises Compulsory Attendance Age
6/12/2003California--Department of Education Changing Position on Homeschooling?
6/11/2003Virginia--Announcing the 12th Annual NACHE Conference
6/11/2003Tennessee--Announcing the 17th Annual SMHEA Family Resource Fair
6/11/2003California--Announcing the 18th Annual CHEFA Convention
6/11/2003Ohio--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEO Convention
6/11/2003Texas--Announcing the 16th Annual CHEACT Home Educators Conference and Book Fair
6/10/2003Michigan--Meeting Held to Urge No New Regulations for Homeschoolers
6/10/2003Florida--Legislature Now Closed for 2003
6/10/2003Texas--Legislature Now Closed for 2003
6/6/2003National Alert Update--U.S. Homeschoolers Help Persecuted Families in Ukraine
6/6/2003Texas--Surprise Victory; Social Worker Training Becomes Mandatory
6/6/2003New York--State College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers; Calls Needed
6/6/2003Oregon--Senate Passes Homeschool Freedom Bill; Calls Needed to Stop Veto
6/5/2003New York--June 1-7 Declared Home Education Week
6/5/2003California--Announcing the 2003 SCOPE Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair
6/5/2003South Carolina--Announcing the 2003 SC Home School Convention
6/5/2003Oregon--Announcing the NW Curriculum Exhibition
6/5/2003Colorado--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEC Home Educators Conference
6/5/2003Nevada--Announcing the Nevada Homeschool Network Convention
6/5/2003New Jersey--Announcing the 13th Annual ENOCH of NJ Curriculum Fair
6/4/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate; Calls Needed to Assembly
6/4/2003Maine--New Commissioner Brings New Attitude
6/2/2003Virginia--Chairman of Senate Education Committee Supports SOL Test for Homeschoolers