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May 2003

5/30/2003Oregon--House Passes Revisions to Homeschool Law
5/30/2003Oregon--Religious Freedom at Stake: Your Calls Needed
5/30/2003North Carolina--Religious Freedom at Stake: Your Calls Needed
5/30/2003Utah--Announcing the 23rd Annual UHEA Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/30/2003Texas--Announcing the 17th Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/30/2003New York--Announcing the 19th Annual LEAH Home and Family Conference
5/30/2003Oklahoma--Announcing the 18th Annual CHEF of OK Homeschool Conference
5/29/2003Missouri--Legislature Passes Religious Freedom Restoration Act
5/29/2003Kansas--County Attorney Pursues Homeschool Family
5/29/2003Virginia--Announcing the HEAV Convention 2003
5/29/2003Iowa--Announcing the 11th Annual NICHE Home Educators' Conference
5/29/2003Idaho--Announcing the 5th Annual CHOIS Homeschool Convention
5/29/2003Connecticut--Announcing the TEACH 2003 State Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/28/2003Texas--Bill Ending College Discrimination Against Homeschoolers Passes Senate
5/27/2003Louisiana--Two Dangerous Bills Now Dead
5/26/2003Texas--H.B. 944 Passes out of Committee
5/22/2003Massachusetts--Meeting Scheduled to Discuss New Homeschool Advisory
5/21/2003National Alert--Homeschoolers in Romania Need Your Help
5/20/2003Maine--Governor Signs Homeschool Bill Into Law
5/19/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Stalled in Committee
5/19/2003Oregon--House Votes Wednesday on Homeschool Bill
5/16/2003Fox News Interview Rescheduled
5/15/2003Scott Somerville on Fox News - Friday, May 16
5/15/2003Texas H.B. 374 Moving through Senate - Calls Still Needed
5/15/2003Texas H.B. 944 In Senate - Calls Needed
5/15/2003No more calls needed for H.B. 1752.
5/14/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Backs Down
5/14/2003Nevada--Clark County Postpones Homeschool Registration
5/13/2003Texas--Child Welfare Reform Bill Stalled, Your Calls Needed
5/12/2003Tennessee--Announcing the 17th Annual MHEA Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/12/2003Kansas--Announcing the 2003 TPA Homeschool Conference
5/12/2003North Carolina--Announcing the 19th Annual NCHE Conference and Bookfair
5/12/2003Florida--Announcing the 2003 FPEA Homeschool Convention
5/9/2003Patrick Henry College Prayer Partners--May 9, 2003
5/8/2003Maine--Homeschool Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Legislature
5/6/2003West Virginia--Announcing the Annual CHEWV Convention
5/6/2003California--Announcing the 2003 Home School Expo
5/6/2003Virginia--Announcing the 16th Annual TEACH Education Expo
5/6/2003Mississippi--Announcing the 18th Annual MHEA Spring Conference
5/6/2003Oregon--House Education Committee Passes Homeschool Bill
5/6/2003Illinois--Announcing the ICHE 2003 Annual State Convention
5/6/2003Michigan--Announcing the 20th Annual Michigan Home Education Convention
5/6/2003Arkansas--Announcing the 2003 Arkansas Homeschool Convention
5/2/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Heats Up
5/2/2003Maryland--Baltimore Adds Unauthorized Requirements
5/2/2003Maine--HSLDA to Argue Sports Case
5/2/2003Virginia--HSLDA to Argue Community Center Case
5/1/2003Maryland--Baltimore Adds Unauthorized Requirements
5/1/2003Ministry Opportunity with Christian Communicators of Ohio
5/1/2003PHC Forms Community Orchestra