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April 2003

4/30/2003Tennessee--Announcing the MTHEA Curriculum Fair
4/30/2003Wisconsin--Announcing the Wisconsin CHEA Annual Spring Conference
4/30/2003Pennsylvania--Announcing the 17th Annual CHAP Homeschool Convention
4/30/2003Maine--Announcing the 2003 HOME Convention
4/30/2003Colorado--Announcing the CHEC Western Slope Conference
4/30/2003Texas--Announcing the 19th Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
4/30/2003Colorado--Legislature Establishes 'Home Education Week'
4/30/2003Kentucky--Home Visits for Homeschoolers Promised in Harlan County
4/29/2003Oregon--Committee Hearing on Senate Bill 761 Tomorrow!
4/28/2003Illinois--Bill to Raise Compulsory School Age Dead for Now
4/28/2003New York--Homeschool Rally Tomorrow!
4/25/2003Virginia--Announcing the 12th Annual Fredericksburg Area Curriculum Fair
4/25/2003Oklahoma--Announcing the 2003 Oklahoma Home Educators Convention
4/25/2003New York--Announcing the 2003 NYS LEAH Long Island Convention
4/24/2003Texas--Homeschoolers Defeat Registration Bill
4/24/2003Georgia--Announcing the 17th Annual GHEA Christian Home School Conference
4/24/2003Wyoming--Announcing the Homeschoolers of Wyoming 2003 Convention
4/24/2003Kansas--Announcing the Midwest Parent Educators 2003 Homeschool Conference
4/24/2003Missouri--School District Wants to Count Homeschoolers With Disabilities
4/24/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Demands Meetings With Homeschoolers
4/24/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Demands Meetings With Homeschoolers
4/24/2003Illinois--Bill Would Raise Compulsory School Age
4/24/2003Arizona--College Admission Policy Changes May Hurt Homeschooled Graduates
4/23/2003Texas--CPS Reform Bill in Danger, Need Calls Immediately
4/23/2003Florida--Parental Rights Victory Over Grandparents Visitation Legislation
4/23/2003Minnesota--Help Us Support a Scholarship Tax Credit
4/22/2003Texas--Amended Homeschool College Admissions Bill Passes House
4/22/2003Nevada--Homeschoolers Fix Two Dangerous Bills
4/22/2003Illinois--Legislation Would Make Reporting Child Abuse Falsely a Crime
4/17/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate Committee, More Calls Needed
4/16/2003Oregon--Senate Passes Homeschool Bill
4/15/2003Nevada--Dangerous Homeschool Testing Provision Killed in Committee
4/14/2003Oregon--Senate to Vote on Homeschool Bill
4/14/2003Louisiana--Homeschoolers Defeat Dangerous School Records Bill
4/14/2003Texas--Help Preserve Parents' Rights to Discipline Their Children
4/14/2003Virginia--Announcing the Central Virginia Home Education Conference
4/14/2003Virginia--Announcing the Central Virginia Home Education Conference
4/14/2003Maryland--Announcing the 2003 Maryland Home School Curriculum Fair
4/14/2003New Mexico--Announcing the 2003 CAPE-NM Homeschool Convention
4/14/2003Louisiana--Announcing the 16th Annual Louisiana Convention and Book Fair
4/14/2003Massachusetts--Announcing the 14th Annual MassHOPE Christian Home School Convention
4/14/2003Illinois--Announcing the 14th Annual Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators
4/11/2003New Hampshire--Senate Votes Down Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/10/2003Virginia--Announcing the Blue Ridge Home Education Conference
4/10/2003Illinois--Announcing the 2003 Starlight Homeschool Fair
4/10/2003Minnesota--Announcing the MACHE 18th Annual Spring Conference
4/10/2003Louisiana--Mandatory Reporting Bill Must Be Opposed
4/9/2003Maine--Sports Access Bill Dead, Hope Alive
4/9/2003Oregon--Senate Committee Passes Homeschool Bill
4/9/2003Maine--Committee Votes Down Higher Attendance Age
4/9/2003Nevada--Mandatory Reporting Bill Must Be Opposed
4/8/2003Louisiana--New Grandparents Rights Bill Will Hurt Family Freedom
4/8/2003New Hampshire--Calls Needed, Vote Thursday on Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/8/2003Vermont--Vague Legislation Would Make "Emotional Abuse" Illegal
4/7/2003Discount for PHC Teen Camps Ends April 15, 2003
4/7/2003Oregon--Committee to Vote on Homeschool Bill Tomorrow
4/7/2003Louisiana-Mandatory Testing Bill Must be Defeated
4/4/2003Texas--Equal Access Bill May Damage Homeschool Freedom
4/4/2003Nevada--Your Calls Needed to Stop Homeschool Testing
4/4/2003Michigan--New Study Recommends State Regulation of Homeschoolers
4/3/2003West Virginia--Governor Signs Bill Abolishing Four-year Rule
4/3/2003Delaware--Announcing the ORCHID 2003 Conference and Curriculum Fair
4/3/2003Nebraska--Announcing the NCHEA 2003 Conference and Curriculum Fair
4/3/2003Michigan--Announcing the Upper Peninsula Home Educators Conference 2003
4/3/2003Pennsylvania--Announcing the 2003 SEARCH of Pennsylvania Conference
4/3/2003California--Announcing the 17th Annual Bay Area Christian Home Educators Convention
4/3/2003Indiana--Announcing the 18th Annual IAHE Convention
4/3/2003Washington--Announcing the 9th Annual WATCH Conference
4/2/2003Please Pray for Homeschooled Troops in Iraq
4/2/2003Texas--Hearing Tomorrow on Child Protective Services Reform Bill
4/2/2003Missouri--Hearing Today on Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/2/2003Oregon--Committee Hearing on Senate Bill 761
4/1/2003Maine--Vote Expected Friday on Compulsory Age Bill
4/1/2003Arizona--Support Scholarship Tax Credit for Corporations