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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
March 2003

3/31/2003Arkansas--Dangerous Homeschool Bill Dead for Current Session
3/31/2003Kentucky--Legislature Now Closed for 2003
3/27/2003Texas--Update on College Discrimination Bill
3/27/2003Maine--Bill to End New Unfair Sports Policy Set for Hearing
3/26/2003National Alert--Ukrainian Homeschoolers Desperately Need Our Help
3/26/2003Texas--Your Calls Needed to End College Admission Discrimination
3/26/2003Florida--More Calls Needed to Stop Bill to Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
3/26/2003North Carolina--Calls Needed on Religious Freedom Bill
3/25/2003Virginia--Final Victory: Governor Signs Driver Ed Bill
3/24/2003Arizona--Support Scholarship Tax Credit for Corporations
3/24/2003Florida--Hearing Scheduled Today on Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/21/2003New York--Calls Urgently Needed on Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/20/2003Montana--House Committee to Consider Parent-taught Driver's Ed Bill
3/19/2003New Hampshire--Calls Needed, Vote Tomorrow on Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/19/2003Minnesota--Independence of Nonpublic Schools Threatened
3/19/2003Virginia--Call Governor Warner and Ask Him to Sign Driver Education Bill
3/18/2003Missouri--Calls Needed Urgently to Stop Compulsory Attendance Bills
3/17/2003Oklahoma--Senate Bill 311 Defeated
3/14/2003Arkansas--Legislation Would Allow Further Regulation of Home Schools
3/14/2003Colorado--"Mental Abuse" Legislation is Dead
3/14/2003New Hampshire--Vote Scheduled on Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/13/2003Last Chance to Participate in Online Survey
3/13/2003DC Metro Area--White House Volunteers Needed
3/13/2003Oklahoma--Urgent Calls Needed on New Testing Bill
3/13/2003Mike Farris to speak in Washington State
3/11/2003Texas--Legislative Update: Partial Victory in Homeschool Registration Battle
3/10/2003West Virginia--VICTORY--Legislature Abolishes Four-Year Rule
3/7/2003West Virginia--Homeschool Bill Update
3/7/2003National Alert--Update On Estrada Nomination, More Calls Needed
3/7/2003Colorado--Outpouring of Calls Turn the Tide on "Mental Abuse" Bill
3/7/2003West Virginia--Education Committee Restores Good Version of Homeschool Bill
3/6/2003Vermont--Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in HSLDA Case
3/6/2003West Virginia--Vote Delayed on Homeschool Bill Until Tonight or Tomorrow
3/6/2003Nevada--Oppose Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting for Pastors
3/6/2003New Mexico--Department of Education Admits Birth Date Requests Exceed Legal Requirements
3/6/2003Texas--More Calls Needed to Defeat Bill to Regulate Homeschoolers
3/5/2003National Alert--Senate Must Allow Vote on Estrada Nomination
3/5/2003Colorado--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Harmful Child Abuse Bill
3/5/2003West Virginia--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Major Restrictions on Homeschooling
3/4/2003Tennessee--Department of Education Memo Confusing Homeschoolers
3/4/2003West Virginia--Calls Urgently Needed, House Education Committee Guts Homeschool Bill