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February 2003

2/28/2003Illinois--Bill Would Raise Compulsory School Age
2/28/2003Oregon--Favorable Revisions to Homeschool Law
2/28/2003Utah-Senate Kills Truancy Bill
2/28/2003Texas--Bill Would Require Registration of Homeschoolers
2/27/2003Maryland--Board Retreats from Plan to Require Annual Notice of Consent
2/27/2003New York--Favorable Revisions to Homeschool Law
2/27/2003Missouri--Religious Freedom Bill Needs Your Help
2/26/2003Utah--Truancy Bill Amended
2/26/2003New York--State College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers
2/26/2003Wisconsin--Virtual Charter School Changes State Form
2/26/2003Illinois--Homeschoolers Face Legislative Threats
2/26/2003Missouri--Bill Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age in St. Louis
2/25/2003Montana--Senate Victory on SB 295, Bill Now Moves to House
2/25/2003Virginia--Parent-taught Driver's Ed Bill Goes to Governor
2/24/2003West Virginia--Update on Gathering at Capitol
2/21/2003Maine--Committee Unanimously Approves LD 160
2/21/2003West Virginia--Your Presence Urgently Needed for Hearing on SB 181
2/21/2003Minnesota--Homeschool Privacy Bill Moves Forward
2/20/2003Montana--Calls Needed to Support Bill Authorizing Parent-Taught Driver Education
2/19/2003Virginia--Senate to Vote on Parent-taught Driver's Ed
2/14/2003Maine--Legislation Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
2/14/2003Virginia--Update On Parent-Taught Driver's Ed
2/14/2003Minnesota-Homeschool Privacy Bill Moves Forward
2/14/2003Maine--Homeschoolers Pack Hearing Room for LD 160
2/13/2003Adults Who Were Homeschooled Needed for New Research
2/13/2003Montana--Victory in on Senate Bill 276
2/13/2003Wyoming--Dangerous Legislation Defeated
2/13/2003Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently on Parent Taught Driver's Ed Bill
2/12/2003Utah--Help Us Oppose Mandatory "Cooperation" Bill
2/12/2003South Dakota--Homeschool Involvement With Statewide Testing Must Be Ended
2/11/2003Minnesota--Please Attend Hearing Scheduled on Homeschool Privacy Bill
2/10/2003Virginia--Announcing the Harmony at Home Conference
2/10/2003Virginia--Call Now! Homeschool Driver Instruction Bill in Jeopardy
2/7/2003Colorado--Legislative Update
2/7/2003Maine--Legislation Would Eliminate Red Tape For Homeschoolers
2/6/2003Wyoming--Calls Needed to Stop Mandatory Kindergarten Bill
2/6/2003Montana--New Location for Hearing on Senate Bill 276
2/6/2003New Mexico--Department of Education Seeks Information Not Required by Law
2/5/2003South Dakota--S.B. 39 Passes Senate; Calls Now Needed to House
2/5/2003Michigan--Bills Expanding Compulsory Attendance Dead
2/5/2003Minnesota--New Legislation Would Protect Homeschool Privacy
2/5/2003Wyoming--More Calls Needed to Stop the Illegal Testing of Homeschoolers
2/4/2003West Virginia--Your Help Needed to Pass Positive Changes to the Homeschool Law
2/4/2003Subject: Virginia--Legislative Update: Bad News, Good News
2/4/2003Florida--Calls Needed: SB 128 Will Endanger Parents' Rights
2/3/2003New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Defeat Bill Expanding Compulsory Attendance
2/3/2003Maine--Bill to Create Less Restrictive Homeschool Option Goes To Hearing
2/3/2003Michigan--Calls Needed to Defeat Bill Expanding Compulsory Attendance
2/3/2003Florida--Calls Needed to Defeat Efforts Expanding Compulsory Attendance
2/3/2003Texas--Lowering Compulsory School Attendance Age