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January 2003

1/31/2003Virginia--Parent Taught Driver Education Needs Your Help!
1/31/2003Montana--Please Attend Hearing on Senate Bill 276
1/30/2003Arizona--Tax Credit for Homeschoolers Bill Tabled
1/30/2003Montana--Legislation Threatens Homeschool Freedoms
1/28/2003Montana--Victory in House Education Committee on H.B. 274
1/28/2003Wyoming--Truancy Bill Defeated; Testing and Mandatory Kindergarten Bills Still Pending
1/28/2003South Dakota--Bill May End Testing For Second Grade Homeschoolers
1/28/2003Nebraska--Universal Access to Public Schools
1/28/2003Louisiana--Dangerous Legislation Averted
1/27/2003Virginia--CORRECTION Hearing on House Bill 2831
1/27/2003Virginia--Action Needed on Bill to Restore Parents' Due Process Rights
1/27/2003Arizona--Tax Credit for Homeschoolers
1/24/2003Wyoming--Three New Bills Threaten Homeschool Freedom
1/24/2003Texas--More Legal and Legislative Deveopments
1/23/2003Idaho--Plans for Restrictive Homeschooling Law Abandoned
1/23/2003Utah--Legislation Would Mandate "Cooperation" With School Districts
1/21/2003Montana--Calls Needed to Defeat Bill Expanding Government's Control Over Children
1/21/2003Nebraska--Unattended Children in Motor Vehicles Law Proposed
1/17/2003Texas--More Truancy Cases Filed Against Homeschoolers
1/17/2003Idaho--Homeschoolers Under Fire
1/16/2003Pennsylvania--Religious Freedom Bill Becomes Law
1/16/2003North Dakota-- Victory in House Education Committee on HB 1182
1/14/2003North Dakota-- Please Attend Hearing Scheduled on HB 1182
1/10/2003Texas Legislature Opens for 2003 Session
1/10/2003Legislative Season Is Off And Running
1/8/2003North Dakota--Legislation Threatens Homeschool Freedoms