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12/30/2003Wyoming--Opportunity for Young Homeschoolers to Impact State Politics
12/29/2003Legislative Action In The District of Columbia
12/17/2003Constitutional Law Symposium with Mike Farris
12/11/2003Ohio--Homeschool Rally and Hearing in Franklin City
12/9/2003Member discount available for PHC Distance Learning courses
12/3/2003Wyoming--Legislative Update: Town Hall meeting held
12/3/2003New Jersey--2003 Legislative Wrap-Up
12/3/2003ConLaw Online with Mike Farris begins January 12, 2004
12/2/2003Urgent Need to Help German Homeschoolers Under Attack
11/19/2003Update - The Netherlands Still Needs our Help To Legalize Homeschooling
11/17/2003Invitation for HSLDA Members and Friends
11/10/2003New York--Calls Needed To The NY Board Of Regents To Stop Homeschool Discrimination
11/6/2003Virginia--Appomattox County Seeks Unauthorized Information
11/3/2003New Jersey--Calls Still Needed, Previte Evasive, McKeon Talks Plainly
10/29/2003New Jersey--Calls Needed to Stop Proposed Homeschool Legislation
10/29/2003Maine--Phantom Caller Resurfaces
10/24/2003Urgent Alert--The Netherlands Needs Your Help Immediately To Legalize Home Schooling
10/23/2003Socialization Myth Debunked
10/22/2003Virginia--Roanoke County Pursues Unauthorized Information
10/17/2003HSLDA sends letter to Presidents of CBS and Viacom
10/15/2003CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"
10/15/2003Wyoming--Announcing Wyoming Homeschool "Legislative Reception"
10/15/2003Missouri--Farmington R-7 Seeks Unlimited Access to Homeschool Records
10/15/2003North Carolina-Announcing the Black Mountain Bible Conference for Home Schoolers
10/14/2003CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"
10/8/2003Pennsylvania--Announcing the Special Needs Workshops - Understand, Challenge, and Educate Your Unique Child
10/1/2003Immediate Reply Needed
9/30/2003Wyoming--Homeschool Families Organize for Legislative Action
9/29/2003Ohio--Forcing Pastors to Report Suspected Child Abuse
9/17/2003Maryland--Unnecessary Portfolio Review Forms
9/15/2003Indiana--Update: Flaws in P-16 repaired
9/12/2003Indiana--Roundtable Members Remain Silent, Action Needed
9/12/2003New Mexico--Vote "No" on Amendment 1
9/11/2003Rhode Island--Update - Homeschoolers Put Brakes on New Policy
9/11/2003Indiana--Mishawaka Apologizes for Handing Out Obsolete Homeschool Policy Update
9/9/2003MA--Update on Barnstable School Committee
9/9/2003Indiana--Popping Mishawaka's Bubble: Refusing Unauthorized, Tight Control Over Homeschooling
9/4/2003Indiana--Governor's Education Roundtable - a potential threat to homeschoolers
8/28/2003Vermont--Challenging Times in Vermont
8/28/2003Maryland--"Home Cooking" in Verification Forms
8/28/2003Massachusetts--Barnstable homeschoolers need your help
8/27/2003Coventry Drops "Agreement" Requirement
8/27/2003An Opportunity to Help HSLDA Members and Patrick Henry College...
8/26/2003Florida--Announcing the National Christian Homeschool Conference
8/26/2003Coventry Assistant Superintendent Makes Second Request For Home Instruction 'Agreement'
8/20/2003ConLaw Online with Mike Farris begins September 2, 2003
8/15/2003Rhode Island--Coventry Public Schools Make Improper Demands on Homeschoolers
8/13/2003Oregon--Announcing the 2003 Oregon Christian Home Education Conference
8/11/2003Tennessee-College Student Conducting Study on Homeschool Music Education
8/7/2003Illinois--Ask Congressman Manzullo to Support HONDA
8/7/2003Florida--Announcing the National Christian Homeschool Conference
8/1/2003Wyoming--Preparing for Next Legislative Season
7/30/2003Hanover County, Virginia--Important Religious Exemption Meetings
7/30/2003Rhode Island and Connecticut-Announcing the Homeschool Mini Conference
7/22/2003Calls needed on H.R. 2732, the Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act
7/17/2003Virginia--Announcing the Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
7/17/2003Texas--Announcing the NTHEN 2003 Summer Homeschool Conference
7/17/2003South Dakota--Error in State Form to be Corrected
7/16/2003North Carolina Supreme Court Rules Against Social Worker Investigation
7/15/2003Pennsylvania--Religious Freedom Act May Provide Relief From Homeschool Law
7/15/2003Missouri--Religious Freedom Bill Signed by Governor
7/14/2003Virginia--Defer Task Force Request in Hanover County
7/11/2003Texas--Bill Repealing Immunization Exemption Likely Dead
7/10/2003Oregon--Your Calls Needed to Help Protect Religious Freedom
7/10/2003HSLDA Members Receive Discount on PHC Distance Learning
7/9/2003Texas--Calls Needed to Preserve Immunization Exemption
7/7/2003Georgia--Announcing the 2003 Southeast Homeschool & Educational Expo
7/7/2003Tennessee--Announcing the 2003 CSTHEA Curriculum Fair
7/7/2003California--Announcing the 2003 Valley Home Educators Convention
7/7/2003Louisiana--Announcing the NBHERA Home Educators Symposium 2003
7/1/2003Virginia--Partial Victory in Hanover County
6/30/2003Idaho--Threat of Homeschool Restrictions Averted For Now
6/30/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Carried Over to Next Year
6/30/2003Arizona--Announcing the 20th Annual Arizona Home Education Convention
6/27/2003West Virginia--New Homeschool Law Now in Effect
6/26/2003Maryland--Board Adopts New Homeschool Regulations
6/25/2003Kentucky--2003 CHEK Conference Announcement: Correction
6/25/2003Louisiana--Legislature Adjourns with Mixed Results
6/24/2003Alabama--Announcing the CHEF of AL 2003 State Home School Convention
6/24/2003Kentucky--Announcing the 2003 CHEK Conference
6/24/2003California--Announcing the 20th Annual CHEA of CA Convention
6/23/2003Oregon--Governor Vetoes Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/23/2003Idaho--Task Force Considers Regulating Homeschoolers; Urgent Email Needed
6/20/2003Maine-New Homeschool Law Effective Immediately
6/19/2003Pennsylvania-Bill Would Force Homeschoolers to Report to the State Three Additional Years; Your Calls Needed
6/19/2003Ohio-New Bill Would Make Pastors Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters
6/18/2003Iowa--Online Public School Program Problematic for Homeschoolers
6/17/2003Illinois--Another Bill to Expand Compulsory School Age
6/16/2003New York--3 Days Left to Call on Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/16/2003Hawaii--Online Charter Schools: A Trojan Horse
6/13/2003Minnesota--Legislation Restores Homeschool Privacy
6/12/2003New Jersey--Assembly Bill Raises Compulsory Attendance Age
6/12/2003California--Department of Education Changing Position on Homeschooling?
6/11/2003Virginia--Announcing the 12th Annual NACHE Conference
6/11/2003Tennessee--Announcing the 17th Annual SMHEA Family Resource Fair
6/11/2003California--Announcing the 18th Annual CHEFA Convention
6/11/2003Ohio--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEO Convention
6/11/2003Texas--Announcing the 16th Annual CHEACT Home Educators Conference and Book Fair
6/10/2003Michigan--Meeting Held to Urge No New Regulations for Homeschoolers
6/10/2003Florida--Legislature Now Closed for 2003
6/10/2003Texas--Legislature Now Closed for 2003
6/6/2003National Alert Update--U.S. Homeschoolers Help Persecuted Families in Ukraine
6/6/2003Texas--Surprise Victory; Social Worker Training Becomes Mandatory
6/6/2003New York--State College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers; Calls Needed
6/6/2003Oregon--Senate Passes Homeschool Freedom Bill; Calls Needed to Stop Veto
6/5/2003New York--June 1-7 Declared Home Education Week
6/5/2003California--Announcing the 2003 SCOPE Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair
6/5/2003South Carolina--Announcing the 2003 SC Home School Convention
6/5/2003Oregon--Announcing the NW Curriculum Exhibition
6/5/2003Colorado--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEC Home Educators Conference
6/5/2003Nevada--Announcing the Nevada Homeschool Network Convention
6/5/2003New Jersey--Announcing the 13th Annual ENOCH of NJ Curriculum Fair
6/4/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate; Calls Needed to Assembly
6/4/2003Maine--New Commissioner Brings New Attitude
6/2/2003Virginia--Chairman of Senate Education Committee Supports SOL Test for Homeschoolers
5/30/2003Oregon--House Passes Revisions to Homeschool Law
5/30/2003Oregon--Religious Freedom at Stake: Your Calls Needed
5/30/2003North Carolina--Religious Freedom at Stake: Your Calls Needed
5/30/2003Utah--Announcing the 23rd Annual UHEA Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/30/2003Texas--Announcing the 17th Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/30/2003New York--Announcing the 19th Annual LEAH Home and Family Conference
5/30/2003Oklahoma--Announcing the 18th Annual CHEF of OK Homeschool Conference
5/29/2003Missouri--Legislature Passes Religious Freedom Restoration Act
5/29/2003Kansas--County Attorney Pursues Homeschool Family
5/29/2003Virginia--Announcing the HEAV Convention 2003
5/29/2003Iowa--Announcing the 11th Annual NICHE Home Educators' Conference
5/29/2003Idaho--Announcing the 5th Annual CHOIS Homeschool Convention
5/29/2003Connecticut--Announcing the TEACH 2003 State Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/28/2003Texas--Bill Ending College Discrimination Against Homeschoolers Passes Senate
5/27/2003Louisiana--Two Dangerous Bills Now Dead
5/26/2003Texas--H.B. 944 Passes out of Committee
5/22/2003Massachusetts--Meeting Scheduled to Discuss New Homeschool Advisory
5/21/2003National Alert--Homeschoolers in Romania Need Your Help
5/20/2003Maine--Governor Signs Homeschool Bill Into Law
5/19/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Stalled in Committee
5/19/2003Oregon--House Votes Wednesday on Homeschool Bill
5/16/2003Fox News Interview Rescheduled
5/15/2003Scott Somerville on Fox News - Friday, May 16
5/15/2003Texas H.B. 374 Moving through Senate - Calls Still Needed
5/15/2003Texas H.B. 944 In Senate - Calls Needed
5/15/2003No more calls needed for H.B. 1752.
5/14/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Backs Down
5/14/2003Nevada--Clark County Postpones Homeschool Registration
5/13/2003Texas--Child Welfare Reform Bill Stalled, Your Calls Needed
5/12/2003Tennessee--Announcing the 17th Annual MHEA Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/12/2003Kansas--Announcing the 2003 TPA Homeschool Conference
5/12/2003North Carolina--Announcing the 19th Annual NCHE Conference and Bookfair
5/12/2003Florida--Announcing the 2003 FPEA Homeschool Convention
5/9/2003Patrick Henry College Prayer Partners--May 9, 2003
5/8/2003Maine--Homeschool Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Legislature
5/6/2003West Virginia--Announcing the Annual CHEWV Convention
5/6/2003California--Announcing the 2003 Home School Expo
5/6/2003Virginia--Announcing the 16th Annual TEACH Education Expo
5/6/2003Mississippi--Announcing the 18th Annual MHEA Spring Conference
5/6/2003Oregon--House Education Committee Passes Homeschool Bill
5/6/2003Illinois--Announcing the ICHE 2003 Annual State Convention
5/6/2003Michigan--Announcing the 20th Annual Michigan Home Education Convention
5/6/2003Arkansas--Announcing the 2003 Arkansas Homeschool Convention
5/2/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Heats Up
5/2/2003Maryland--Baltimore Adds Unauthorized Requirements
5/2/2003Maine--HSLDA to Argue Sports Case
5/2/2003Virginia--HSLDA to Argue Community Center Case
5/1/2003Maryland--Baltimore Adds Unauthorized Requirements
5/1/2003Ministry Opportunity with Christian Communicators of Ohio
5/1/2003PHC Forms Community Orchestra
4/30/2003Tennessee--Announcing the MTHEA Curriculum Fair
4/30/2003Wisconsin--Announcing the Wisconsin CHEA Annual Spring Conference
4/30/2003Pennsylvania--Announcing the 17th Annual CHAP Homeschool Convention
4/30/2003Maine--Announcing the 2003 HOME Convention
4/30/2003Colorado--Announcing the CHEC Western Slope Conference
4/30/2003Texas--Announcing the 19th Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
4/30/2003Colorado--Legislature Establishes 'Home Education Week'
4/30/2003Kentucky--Home Visits for Homeschoolers Promised in Harlan County
4/29/2003Oregon--Committee Hearing on Senate Bill 761 Tomorrow!
4/28/2003Illinois--Bill to Raise Compulsory School Age Dead for Now
4/28/2003New York--Homeschool Rally Tomorrow!
4/25/2003Virginia--Announcing the 12th Annual Fredericksburg Area Curriculum Fair
4/25/2003Oklahoma--Announcing the 2003 Oklahoma Home Educators Convention
4/25/2003New York--Announcing the 2003 NYS LEAH Long Island Convention
4/24/2003Texas--Homeschoolers Defeat Registration Bill
4/24/2003Georgia--Announcing the 17th Annual GHEA Christian Home School Conference
4/24/2003Wyoming--Announcing the Homeschoolers of Wyoming 2003 Convention
4/24/2003Kansas--Announcing the Midwest Parent Educators 2003 Homeschool Conference
4/24/2003Missouri--School District Wants to Count Homeschoolers With Disabilities
4/24/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Demands Meetings With Homeschoolers
4/24/2003Kentucky--Harlan County Demands Meetings With Homeschoolers
4/24/2003Illinois--Bill Would Raise Compulsory School Age
4/24/2003Arizona--College Admission Policy Changes May Hurt Homeschooled Graduates
4/23/2003Texas--CPS Reform Bill in Danger, Need Calls Immediately
4/23/2003Florida--Parental Rights Victory Over Grandparents Visitation Legislation
4/23/2003Minnesota--Help Us Support a Scholarship Tax Credit
4/22/2003Texas--Amended Homeschool College Admissions Bill Passes House
4/22/2003Nevada--Homeschoolers Fix Two Dangerous Bills
4/22/2003Illinois--Legislation Would Make Reporting Child Abuse Falsely a Crime
4/17/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate Committee, More Calls Needed
4/16/2003Oregon--Senate Passes Homeschool Bill
4/15/2003Nevada--Dangerous Homeschool Testing Provision Killed in Committee
4/14/2003Oregon--Senate to Vote on Homeschool Bill
4/14/2003Louisiana--Homeschoolers Defeat Dangerous School Records Bill
4/14/2003Texas--Help Preserve Parents' Rights to Discipline Their Children
4/14/2003Virginia--Announcing the Central Virginia Home Education Conference
4/14/2003Virginia--Announcing the Central Virginia Home Education Conference
4/14/2003Maryland--Announcing the 2003 Maryland Home School Curriculum Fair
4/14/2003New Mexico--Announcing the 2003 CAPE-NM Homeschool Convention
4/14/2003Louisiana--Announcing the 16th Annual Louisiana Convention and Book Fair
4/14/2003Massachusetts--Announcing the 14th Annual MassHOPE Christian Home School Convention
4/14/2003Illinois--Announcing the 14th Annual Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators
4/11/2003New Hampshire--Senate Votes Down Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/10/2003Virginia--Announcing the Blue Ridge Home Education Conference
4/10/2003Illinois--Announcing the 2003 Starlight Homeschool Fair
4/10/2003Minnesota--Announcing the MACHE 18th Annual Spring Conference
4/10/2003Louisiana--Mandatory Reporting Bill Must Be Opposed
4/9/2003Maine--Sports Access Bill Dead, Hope Alive
4/9/2003Oregon--Senate Committee Passes Homeschool Bill
4/9/2003Maine--Committee Votes Down Higher Attendance Age
4/9/2003Nevada--Mandatory Reporting Bill Must Be Opposed
4/8/2003Louisiana--New Grandparents Rights Bill Will Hurt Family Freedom
4/8/2003New Hampshire--Calls Needed, Vote Thursday on Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/8/2003Vermont--Vague Legislation Would Make "Emotional Abuse" Illegal
4/7/2003Discount for PHC Teen Camps Ends April 15, 2003
4/7/2003Oregon--Committee to Vote on Homeschool Bill Tomorrow
4/7/2003Louisiana-Mandatory Testing Bill Must be Defeated
4/4/2003Texas--Equal Access Bill May Damage Homeschool Freedom
4/4/2003Nevada--Your Calls Needed to Stop Homeschool Testing
4/4/2003Michigan--New Study Recommends State Regulation of Homeschoolers
4/3/2003West Virginia--Governor Signs Bill Abolishing Four-year Rule
4/3/2003Delaware--Announcing the ORCHID 2003 Conference and Curriculum Fair
4/3/2003Nebraska--Announcing the NCHEA 2003 Conference and Curriculum Fair
4/3/2003Michigan--Announcing the Upper Peninsula Home Educators Conference 2003
4/3/2003Pennsylvania--Announcing the 2003 SEARCH of Pennsylvania Conference
4/3/2003California--Announcing the 17th Annual Bay Area Christian Home Educators Convention
4/3/2003Indiana--Announcing the 18th Annual IAHE Convention
4/3/2003Washington--Announcing the 9th Annual WATCH Conference
4/2/2003Please Pray for Homeschooled Troops in Iraq
4/2/2003Texas--Hearing Tomorrow on Child Protective Services Reform Bill
4/2/2003Missouri--Hearing Today on Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/2/2003Oregon--Committee Hearing on Senate Bill 761
4/1/2003Maine--Vote Expected Friday on Compulsory Age Bill
4/1/2003Arizona--Support Scholarship Tax Credit for Corporations
3/31/2003Arkansas--Dangerous Homeschool Bill Dead for Current Session
3/31/2003Kentucky--Legislature Now Closed for 2003
3/27/2003Texas--Update on College Discrimination Bill
3/27/2003Maine--Bill to End New Unfair Sports Policy Set for Hearing
3/26/2003National Alert--Ukrainian Homeschoolers Desperately Need Our Help
3/26/2003Texas--Your Calls Needed to End College Admission Discrimination
3/26/2003Florida--More Calls Needed to Stop Bill to Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
3/26/2003North Carolina--Calls Needed on Religious Freedom Bill
3/25/2003Virginia--Final Victory: Governor Signs Driver Ed Bill
3/24/2003Arizona--Support Scholarship Tax Credit for Corporations
3/24/2003Florida--Hearing Scheduled Today on Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/21/2003New York--Calls Urgently Needed on Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/20/2003Montana--House Committee to Consider Parent-taught Driver's Ed Bill
3/19/2003New Hampshire--Calls Needed, Vote Tomorrow on Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/19/2003Minnesota--Independence of Nonpublic Schools Threatened
3/19/2003Virginia--Call Governor Warner and Ask Him to Sign Driver Education Bill
3/18/2003Missouri--Calls Needed Urgently to Stop Compulsory Attendance Bills
3/17/2003Oklahoma--Senate Bill 311 Defeated
3/14/2003Arkansas--Legislation Would Allow Further Regulation of Home Schools
3/14/2003Colorado--"Mental Abuse" Legislation is Dead
3/14/2003New Hampshire--Vote Scheduled on Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/13/2003Last Chance to Participate in Online Survey
3/13/2003DC Metro Area--White House Volunteers Needed
3/13/2003Oklahoma--Urgent Calls Needed on New Testing Bill
3/13/2003Mike Farris to speak in Washington State
3/11/2003Texas--Legislative Update: Partial Victory in Homeschool Registration Battle
3/10/2003West Virginia--VICTORY--Legislature Abolishes Four-Year Rule
3/7/2003West Virginia--Homeschool Bill Update
3/7/2003National Alert--Update On Estrada Nomination, More Calls Needed
3/7/2003Colorado--Outpouring of Calls Turn the Tide on "Mental Abuse" Bill
3/7/2003West Virginia--Education Committee Restores Good Version of Homeschool Bill
3/6/2003Vermont--Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in HSLDA Case
3/6/2003West Virginia--Vote Delayed on Homeschool Bill Until Tonight or Tomorrow
3/6/2003Nevada--Oppose Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting for Pastors
3/6/2003New Mexico--Department of Education Admits Birth Date Requests Exceed Legal Requirements
3/6/2003Texas--More Calls Needed to Defeat Bill to Regulate Homeschoolers
3/5/2003National Alert--Senate Must Allow Vote on Estrada Nomination
3/5/2003Colorado--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Harmful Child Abuse Bill
3/5/2003West Virginia--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Major Restrictions on Homeschooling
3/4/2003Tennessee--Department of Education Memo Confusing Homeschoolers
3/4/2003West Virginia--Calls Urgently Needed, House Education Committee Guts Homeschool Bill
2/28/2003Illinois--Bill Would Raise Compulsory School Age
2/28/2003Oregon--Favorable Revisions to Homeschool Law
2/28/2003Utah-Senate Kills Truancy Bill
2/28/2003Texas--Bill Would Require Registration of Homeschoolers
2/27/2003Maryland--Board Retreats from Plan to Require Annual Notice of Consent
2/27/2003New York--Favorable Revisions to Homeschool Law
2/27/2003Missouri--Religious Freedom Bill Needs Your Help
2/26/2003Utah--Truancy Bill Amended
2/26/2003New York--State College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers
2/26/2003Wisconsin--Virtual Charter School Changes State Form
2/26/2003Illinois--Homeschoolers Face Legislative Threats
2/26/2003Missouri--Bill Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age in St. Louis
2/25/2003Montana--Senate Victory on SB 295, Bill Now Moves to House
2/25/2003Virginia--Parent-taught Driver's Ed Bill Goes to Governor
2/24/2003West Virginia--Update on Gathering at Capitol
2/21/2003Maine--Committee Unanimously Approves LD 160
2/21/2003West Virginia--Your Presence Urgently Needed for Hearing on SB 181
2/21/2003Minnesota--Homeschool Privacy Bill Moves Forward
2/20/2003Montana--Calls Needed to Support Bill Authorizing Parent-Taught Driver Education
2/19/2003Virginia--Senate to Vote on Parent-taught Driver's Ed
2/14/2003Maine--Legislation Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
2/14/2003Virginia--Update On Parent-Taught Driver's Ed
2/14/2003Minnesota-Homeschool Privacy Bill Moves Forward
2/14/2003Maine--Homeschoolers Pack Hearing Room for LD 160
2/13/2003Adults Who Were Homeschooled Needed for New Research
2/13/2003Montana--Victory in on Senate Bill 276
2/13/2003Wyoming--Dangerous Legislation Defeated
2/13/2003Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently on Parent Taught Driver's Ed Bill
2/12/2003Utah--Help Us Oppose Mandatory "Cooperation" Bill
2/12/2003South Dakota--Homeschool Involvement With Statewide Testing Must Be Ended
2/11/2003Minnesota--Please Attend Hearing Scheduled on Homeschool Privacy Bill
2/10/2003Virginia--Announcing the Harmony at Home Conference
2/10/2003Virginia--Call Now! Homeschool Driver Instruction Bill in Jeopardy
2/7/2003Colorado--Legislative Update
2/7/2003Maine--Legislation Would Eliminate Red Tape For Homeschoolers
2/6/2003Wyoming--Calls Needed to Stop Mandatory Kindergarten Bill
2/6/2003Montana--New Location for Hearing on Senate Bill 276
2/6/2003New Mexico--Department of Education Seeks Information Not Required by Law
2/5/2003South Dakota--S.B. 39 Passes Senate; Calls Now Needed to House
2/5/2003Michigan--Bills Expanding Compulsory Attendance Dead
2/5/2003Minnesota--New Legislation Would Protect Homeschool Privacy
2/5/2003Wyoming--More Calls Needed to Stop the Illegal Testing of Homeschoolers
2/4/2003West Virginia--Your Help Needed to Pass Positive Changes to the Homeschool Law
2/4/2003Subject: Virginia--Legislative Update: Bad News, Good News
2/4/2003Florida--Calls Needed: SB 128 Will Endanger Parents' Rights
2/3/2003New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Defeat Bill Expanding Compulsory Attendance
2/3/2003Maine--Bill to Create Less Restrictive Homeschool Option Goes To Hearing
2/3/2003Michigan--Calls Needed to Defeat Bill Expanding Compulsory Attendance
2/3/2003Florida--Calls Needed to Defeat Efforts Expanding Compulsory Attendance
2/3/2003Texas--Lowering Compulsory School Attendance Age
1/31/2003Virginia--Parent Taught Driver Education Needs Your Help!
1/31/2003Montana--Please Attend Hearing on Senate Bill 276
1/30/2003Arizona--Tax Credit for Homeschoolers Bill Tabled
1/30/2003Montana--Legislation Threatens Homeschool Freedoms
1/28/2003Montana--Victory in House Education Committee on H.B. 274
1/28/2003Wyoming--Truancy Bill Defeated; Testing and Mandatory Kindergarten Bills Still Pending
1/28/2003South Dakota--Bill May End Testing For Second Grade Homeschoolers
1/28/2003Nebraska--Universal Access to Public Schools
1/28/2003Louisiana--Dangerous Legislation Averted
1/27/2003Virginia--CORRECTION Hearing on House Bill 2831
1/27/2003Virginia--Action Needed on Bill to Restore Parents' Due Process Rights
1/27/2003Arizona--Tax Credit for Homeschoolers
1/24/2003Wyoming--Three New Bills Threaten Homeschool Freedom
1/24/2003Texas--More Legal and Legislative Deveopments
1/23/2003Idaho--Plans for Restrictive Homeschooling Law Abandoned
1/23/2003Utah--Legislation Would Mandate "Cooperation" With School Districts
1/21/2003Montana--Calls Needed to Defeat Bill Expanding Government's Control Over Children
1/21/2003Nebraska--Unattended Children in Motor Vehicles Law Proposed
1/17/2003Texas--More Truancy Cases Filed Against Homeschoolers
1/17/2003Idaho--Homeschoolers Under Fire
1/16/2003Pennsylvania--Religious Freedom Bill Becomes Law
1/16/2003North Dakota-- Victory in House Education Committee on HB 1182
1/14/2003North Dakota-- Please Attend Hearing Scheduled on HB 1182
1/10/2003Texas Legislature Opens for 2003 Session
1/10/2003Legislative Season Is Off And Running
1/8/2003North Dakota--Legislation Threatens Homeschool Freedoms