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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
June 2002

6/26/2002New Jersey--Family Charged With Truancy
6/25/2002Virginia--Announcing the Greater Roanoke Home Educators 2002 Book Fair
6/25/2002California--Announcing the 19th Annual Christian Home Educators Association Convention
6/25/2002Alabama--Announcing the 14th Annual CHEF Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair
6/25/2002Missouri--Announcing the FHE 2002 State Convention
6/25/2002Kentucky--Announcing the 2002 CHEK Convention and Curriculum Fair
6/21/2002Constitutional Law Symposium with Mike Farris
6/21/2002Pennsylvania--Update on House Bill 2560
6/20/2002Maine--Application for Equivalent Instruction 2002-2003
6/17/2002Announcing the Summit Ministries Home School Session
6/14/2002Ohio--Announcing the 18th Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
6/14/2002New Jersey--Announcing the 12th Annual Statewide Home Educator's Convention
6/13/2002Washington DC--Lynne Cheney to Speak On Her New Book
6/13/2002Arizona--Announcing the 2002 AFHE State Home School Convention
6/11/2002California--IMPORTANT UPDATE Regarding Eastin Letter
6/11/2002Texas--Anouncing the 15th Annual CHEACT Conference and Book Fair
6/11/2002South Carolina--Announcing the 2002 South Carolina Home Educators Association Convention
6/11/2002Tennessee--Announcing the SMEAH 16th Annual Family Resource Fair
6/11/2002Colorado--Announcing the 18th Annual Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference
6/11/2002Tennessee--Announcing the 2002 MTHEA Convention
6/11/2002California--HSLDA Response to Delaine Eastin Letter
6/7/2002Florida--Government Nanny Bill Fails!
6/7/2002Introducing the Foundation Report
6/7/2002New York--Urgent Calls Needed on Home School Legislation
6/6/2002Announcing the 11th Annual National Association of Catholic Home Educators Convention
6/6/2002Connecticut--Announcing the TEACH 2002 Convention and Curriculum Fair
6/6/2002Oklahoma--Announcing the 17th Annual CHEF of Oklahoma Curriculum Fair
6/6/2002Tennessee--Announcing the 2002 MHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair
6/6/2002Iowa--Announcing the 10th Annual NICHE Conference
6/6/2002Virginia--Announcing the 19th Annual 2002 HEAV State Convention and Educational Fair
6/6/2002Pennsylvania--Hearing Scheduled on House Bill 2560, June 13
6/3/2002Missouri--Court Decision Changes Home School Law
6/3/2002Oklahoma--HSLDA and CHEF Support Group Seminar Coming to Broken Arrow