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May 2002

5/31/2002Idaho--Announcing the 4th Annual Christian Homeschoolers Of Idaho State Convention
5/30/2002Missouri--RFRA Fails to Pass
5/29/2002Patrick Henry Prayer Partners -- May 29, 2002
5/29/2002KIDS WANTED: Great Opportunity for Home Schoolers
5/29/2002Texas--Announcing the 16th Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/29/2002California--Announcing the SCOPE 2002 Home School Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/29/2002New York--Announcing the 18th Annual LEAH Home Education Convention
5/29/2002Montana--Announcing the MSHE Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/24/2002Louisiana: Committee to Vote Wednesday on H.B. 43
5/24/2002Florida: Government Nanny Bill Takes Another Turn!
5/22/2002Idaho--Virtual Academy A Trojan Horse
5/22/2002Florida--Urgent Calls Needed on Government Nanny Bill
5/22/2002Missouri--Bill to Increase Compulsory Attendance Age Dies in Senate Committee
5/22/2002Kansas--Announcing the TPA 2002 Home School Conference
5/21/2002District of Columbia--Monday Hearing on Bill 14-261 Cancelled
5/20/2002West Virginia--Announcing the CHEWV 2002 Home School Conference
5/20/2002North Carolina--Announcing the NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
5/20/2002Florida--Announcing the 2002 Florida Homeschool Convention
5/15/2002Washington D.C.--Crucial Hearing Monday on Bill to Force Three-Year-Olds to School
5/15/2002New York--Your Calls Needed on Home School Bill
5/15/2002Missouri--Update: More Calls Needed on Religious Freedom Bill
5/10/2002Missouri--Urgent Calls Needed To Restore Religious Freedom
5/10/2002Missouri--Urgent: HB 1460 Passes Senate Committee-Calls Needed Monday To All Senators
5/9/2002California--Announcing the 18th Annual CFS Home School Expo
5/9/2002Virginia--Announcing the 16th Annual Tidewater Education Expo
5/9/2002Arkansas--Announcing the 2002 Arkansas Home School Convention and Book Fair
5/9/2002Texas--Announcing the 12th Annual FEAST Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/9/2002Illinois--Announcing the 2002 Illinois Christian Home Educators State Convention
5/9/2002Michigan--Announcing the 19th Annual Michigan Home Education Convention
5/9/2002Mississippi--Announcing the Mississippi Home Educator's Spring Conference
5/8/2002Missouri--URGENT: Final Hearing Tomorrow on Bill to Increase Compulsory Attendance Age
5/8/2002New York--Calls Urgently Needed for New York Home School Bill
5/7/2002Vermont--House Education Committee Spurns Home Schoolers
5/3/2002Florida--Calls Urgently Needed to Defeat Government Nanny Bill
5/3/2002South Carolina--Please Attend Hearing on HB 3364
5/2/2002Pennsylvania--Calls needed on H.B. 2560
5/1/2002Wisconsin--Legislation Pending to Limit Online Charter Schools
5/1/2002Patrick Henry Prayer Partners -- May 1, 2002