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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
March 2002

3/28/2002New York--Home School Rally in Albany! S.B. 4767 Update
3/28/2002Kansas--Announcing the Midwest Parents Education Conference
3/28/2002Missouri--Calls and Visits Needed on H.B. 1460 and S.B. 858
3/27/2002Washington D.C.--Town hall meeting Thursday night on bill to force 3 year olds to attend school
3/27/2002Teen camp early registration deadline fast approaching...
3/26/2002HSLDA and Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network Support Group Seminar coming to Portland, Oregon
3/25/2002New York---Calls Urgently Needed---Vote Tomorrow on SB 4767
3/22/2002Vermont--Calls and Visits Needed on H.B. 703
3/20/2002Oklahoma--Dangerous Legislation Stopped By Home Schoolers
3/20/2002Connecticut--Good News on H.B.5535
3/20/2002West Virginia--"Early Childhood Education" Trap for Families
3/18/2002Pennsylvania--Announcing the SEARCH 2002 Conference and Book Fair
3/18/2002Virginia--Announcing the 2002 HEARTH Homeschool Conference
3/18/2002Nebraska--Announcing the NCHEA 2002 Conference and Curriculum Fair
3/15/2002Indiana--Announcing the 17th Annual Indiana Home Educator's Convention
3/15/2002HSLDA and CHENH Support Group Seminar coming to Merrimack, New Hampshire
3/14/2002Wisconsin--School Census
3/14/2002Florida--"Government Nanny" Legislation Refuses to Die
3/13/2002Connecticut Home Schoolers Still in Jeopardy
3/13/2002Tennessee--Department of Education Memo Confusing Home Schoolers
3/12/2002Kentucky--Two Bills Threaten Home School Freedoms
3/11/2002Utah--Announcing the 2002 Utah Christian Homeschool Convention
3/11/2002Missouri--Legislation Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
3/8/2002HSLDA and Families for Home Education Support Group Seminar coming to Columbia, Missouri
3/7/2002New York--Upcoming Vote on Favorable New York Senate Bill 4767
3/7/2002Texas--Primary Election on Tuesday
3/6/2002Maine--Commissioner Albanese Poised To Destroy Two "Safe Harbors" In Home School Regulations
3/5/2002Vermont--A home school on trial
3/1/2002Vermont--H. 703 May Pass Deadline
3/1/2002Hawaii--Announcing the 2002 Hawaii Homeschool Conference
3/1/2002Idaho--Potential Legislation Could Damage Home School Freedoms