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12/19/2002ConLaw Online with Mike Farris begins January 13, 2003
12/18/2002Nevada--State Board of Education Passes New Homeschool Regulations
12/13/2002Massachusetts--Good News in Ware!
12/12/2002Maine--Update: MPA Memo Not Withdrawn
12/9/2002Nevada--State Board of Education to Vote on Homeschool Regulations
12/6/2002Maine--Homeschoolers' Sports Eligibility Challenged
12/6/2002Massachusetts--Ware Homeschoolers Need Your Help
12/4/2002Maryland: Tremendous Breakthrough
12/2/2002Maryland--Your Presence Needed Tomorrow at Vital Meeting
11/15/2002Maryland--More Letters Needed for Board of Education
11/14/2002Pennsylvania-Homeschool Legislation Officially Dead for 2002
11/13/2002Maryland--Written Comment Needed Immediately on Change to Regulations
11/12/2002Illinois--Homeschoolers Facing Harassment
11/12/2002Puerto Rico--Update: Legislature Holds Hearings on Homeschool Bill
11/11/2002Pennsylvania--Committee Vote Scheduled on Home Schooling Bill
11/8/2002Maryland--Board of Education Tries to Change Homeschool Regulations Without Consulting Homeschoolers
11/8/2002Florida-- Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Amendment Passes
11/8/2002District of Columbia--Mandatory Preschool Legislation Amended
11/5/2002Nevada Board of Education Meets With Homeschoolers
11/4/2002Puerto Rico--Please Attend Homeschooling Rally on Thursday (11/7/2002)
11/1/2002Florida--Ballot Initiative May Lead to Mandatory Preschool
10/29/2002Puerto Rico-Please Help Us Defeat H.P. 3048
10/29/2002The Home School Foundation Announces Patrick Henry College Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members
10/25/2002District of Columbia--Vote on Mandatory Preschool Bill Postponed
10/24/2002Puerto Rico--Legislation Attacks Homeschool Freedom
10/22/2002Arkansas Virtual School
10/22/2002Texas--The Heart of Homeschooling Conference
10/22/2002Pennsylvania House Postpones Vote on H.B. 2560
10/21/2002DC Committee Votes Tomorrow on Sending 3-year-olds to School
10/18/2002Pray for DC-area residents
10/18/2002Pennsylvania--H.B. 2560 Hearing on October 23.
10/17/2002Nevada: State Board holds workshop on proposed regulations
10/7/2002Nevada--State Board of Education Begins Writing New Homeschool Regulations
10/4/2002Illinois--Public Hearings Ended; Homeschoolers' Concerns Acknowledged
9/25/2002Virginia--Loudoun County Opens PSAT to Homeschoolers
9/25/2002Special Invitation From Patrick Henry College
9/19/2002An Opportunity to Help HSLDA Members and Patrick Henry College...
9/18/2002Louisiana-Officials Want to "Tighten Up" on Homeschools
9/10/2002Action Alert--Education Tax Deduction Vote Scheduled for Thursday
9/9/2002California -- HSLDA Offers Editorial Help
9/6/2002Action Alert Update on Education Savings Accounts Vote
9/4/2002Montana--Senator Requests Legislation Imposing Testing on Home Schoolers
9/3/2002Action Alert--Vote Tomorrow on Education Savings Accounts
9/3/2002Action Alert-End College Discrimination Permanently
8/30/2002California--Update on Eastin Request for New Home School Law
8/29/2002California--CALL TO ACTION
8/28/2002Nevada--Meeting Scheduled to Propose New Home School Regulations
8/26/2002California--Urgent Financial Support of Family Protection Ministries Needed
8/26/2002Illinois--Upcoming Hearings on Revising IL School Code
8/23/2002HSLDA Meets with Director of Department of Defense Schools
8/21/2002California--Court of Appeals to Hear Daytime Curfew Case
8/21/2002Nevada--Update on Curriculum Approval Regulations
8/20/2002California--Private School Affidavit Update
8/19/2002ConLaw Online with Mike Farris begins September 3, 2002
8/19/2002Indiana--Action Alert Update: Senator Lugar Commits to Vote Against CEDAW
8/16/2002Alaska Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002New Mexico Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Missouri Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Texas Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Louisiana Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Kansas Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Maine Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002South Carolina Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002West Virginia Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Georgia Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Indiana Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Utah Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Tennessee Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/16/2002Illinois Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
8/15/2002Maine--Handling Changes to Chapter 130 Regulations
8/14/2002HSLDA Job Opportunity Accounts Payable Clerk
8/14/2002Illinois--Commission Recommends School Code Changes Affecting Home Schoolers
8/12/2002California--Update: Private School Affidavit Offered Online
8/9/2002Nevada--Department of Education Pushing for Curriculum Approval of Home Schoolers
8/8/2002HSLDA Job Opening
8/7/2002Ohio--Statewide Student Identifier System Announced
8/5/2002Louisiana-- Application for Home Study Program
7/31/2002California--Major Changes in the Private School Affidavit Filing Process
7/30/2002Update--Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes CEDAW
7/30/2002Virginia--Senator Allen Votes Against CEDAW
7/29/2002Urgent Action Alert--Virginians Must Call Senator Allen Today!
7/26/2002National Action Alert--CEDAW Vote Postponed Again
7/23/2002Action Alert--Update on CEDAW Hearing and Press Conference
7/23/2002Action Alert--New Committee Vote on U.N. Women's Treaty Scheduled
7/22/2002Ohio--Statewide Student Identifier System to Be Implemented
7/19/2002Pennsylvania--Calls needed for House Bill 2560
7/18/2002Urgent CEDAW Update
7/17/2002National Action Alert--Correction
7/17/2002National Action Alert--Committee Vote on U.N. Women's Treaty
7/16/2002Ohio--Privacy of Home School Records in Doubt
7/12/2002Virginia--Announcing the CACHE 2nd Annual Resource Fair
7/12/2002Pennsylvania--Announcing the North Central Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Conference
7/11/2002Georgia--Announcing the Southeast Homeschool & Educational Expo
7/10/2002Minnesota--Home School Privacy
7/9/2002Constitutional Law Symposium with Mike Farris
7/9/2002California--Announcing the 9th Annual VHE Home Education Convention
7/9/2002Tennessee--Announcing the 2002 CSTHEA Curriculum Fair
7/9/2002California--Announcing the 17th Annual CHEFA Convention
7/5/2002Patrick Henry Prayer Partners -- July 5, 2002
6/26/2002New Jersey--Family Charged With Truancy
6/25/2002Virginia--Announcing the Greater Roanoke Home Educators 2002 Book Fair
6/25/2002California--Announcing the 19th Annual Christian Home Educators Association Convention
6/25/2002Alabama--Announcing the 14th Annual CHEF Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair
6/25/2002Missouri--Announcing the FHE 2002 State Convention
6/25/2002Kentucky--Announcing the 2002 CHEK Convention and Curriculum Fair
6/21/2002Constitutional Law Symposium with Mike Farris
6/21/2002Pennsylvania--Update on House Bill 2560
6/20/2002Maine--Application for Equivalent Instruction 2002-2003
6/17/2002Announcing the Summit Ministries Home School Session
6/14/2002Ohio--Announcing the 18th Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
6/14/2002New Jersey--Announcing the 12th Annual Statewide Home Educator's Convention
6/13/2002Washington DC--Lynne Cheney to Speak On Her New Book
6/13/2002Arizona--Announcing the 2002 AFHE State Home School Convention
6/11/2002California--IMPORTANT UPDATE Regarding Eastin Letter
6/11/2002Texas--Anouncing the 15th Annual CHEACT Conference and Book Fair
6/11/2002South Carolina--Announcing the 2002 South Carolina Home Educators Association Convention
6/11/2002Tennessee--Announcing the SMEAH 16th Annual Family Resource Fair
6/11/2002Colorado--Announcing the 18th Annual Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference
6/11/2002Tennessee--Announcing the 2002 MTHEA Convention
6/11/2002California--HSLDA Response to Delaine Eastin Letter
6/7/2002Florida--Government Nanny Bill Fails!
6/7/2002Introducing the Foundation Report
6/7/2002New York--Urgent Calls Needed on Home School Legislation
6/6/2002Announcing the 11th Annual National Association of Catholic Home Educators Convention
6/6/2002Connecticut--Announcing the TEACH 2002 Convention and Curriculum Fair
6/6/2002Oklahoma--Announcing the 17th Annual CHEF of Oklahoma Curriculum Fair
6/6/2002Tennessee--Announcing the 2002 MHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair
6/6/2002Iowa--Announcing the 10th Annual NICHE Conference
6/6/2002Virginia--Announcing the 19th Annual 2002 HEAV State Convention and Educational Fair
6/6/2002Pennsylvania--Hearing Scheduled on House Bill 2560, June 13
6/3/2002Missouri--Court Decision Changes Home School Law
6/3/2002Oklahoma--HSLDA and CHEF Support Group Seminar Coming to Broken Arrow
5/31/2002Idaho--Announcing the 4th Annual Christian Homeschoolers Of Idaho State Convention
5/30/2002Missouri--RFRA Fails to Pass
5/29/2002Patrick Henry Prayer Partners -- May 29, 2002
5/29/2002KIDS WANTED: Great Opportunity for Home Schoolers
5/29/2002Texas--Announcing the 16th Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/29/2002California--Announcing the SCOPE 2002 Home School Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/29/2002New York--Announcing the 18th Annual LEAH Home Education Convention
5/29/2002Montana--Announcing the MSHE Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/24/2002Louisiana: Committee to Vote Wednesday on H.B. 43
5/24/2002Florida: Government Nanny Bill Takes Another Turn!
5/22/2002Idaho--Virtual Academy A Trojan Horse
5/22/2002Florida--Urgent Calls Needed on Government Nanny Bill
5/22/2002Missouri--Bill to Increase Compulsory Attendance Age Dies in Senate Committee
5/22/2002Kansas--Announcing the TPA 2002 Home School Conference
5/21/2002District of Columbia--Monday Hearing on Bill 14-261 Cancelled
5/20/2002West Virginia--Announcing the CHEWV 2002 Home School Conference
5/20/2002North Carolina--Announcing the NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
5/20/2002Florida--Announcing the 2002 Florida Homeschool Convention
5/15/2002Washington D.C.--Crucial Hearing Monday on Bill to Force Three-Year-Olds to School
5/15/2002New York--Your Calls Needed on Home School Bill
5/15/2002Missouri--Update: More Calls Needed on Religious Freedom Bill
5/10/2002Missouri--Urgent Calls Needed To Restore Religious Freedom
5/10/2002Missouri--Urgent: HB 1460 Passes Senate Committee-Calls Needed Monday To All Senators
5/9/2002California--Announcing the 18th Annual CFS Home School Expo
5/9/2002Virginia--Announcing the 16th Annual Tidewater Education Expo
5/9/2002Arkansas--Announcing the 2002 Arkansas Home School Convention and Book Fair
5/9/2002Texas--Announcing the 12th Annual FEAST Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/9/2002Illinois--Announcing the 2002 Illinois Christian Home Educators State Convention
5/9/2002Michigan--Announcing the 19th Annual Michigan Home Education Convention
5/9/2002Mississippi--Announcing the Mississippi Home Educator's Spring Conference
5/8/2002Missouri--URGENT: Final Hearing Tomorrow on Bill to Increase Compulsory Attendance Age
5/8/2002New York--Calls Urgently Needed for New York Home School Bill
5/7/2002Vermont--House Education Committee Spurns Home Schoolers
5/3/2002Florida--Calls Urgently Needed to Defeat Government Nanny Bill
5/3/2002South Carolina--Please Attend Hearing on HB 3364
5/2/2002Pennsylvania--Calls needed on H.B. 2560
5/1/2002Wisconsin--Legislation Pending to Limit Online Charter Schools
5/1/2002Patrick Henry Prayer Partners -- May 1, 2002
4/30/2002Colorado--State Senator Threatens to Amend Home School Law, Urgent Calls Needed
4/29/2002Pennsylvania--Announcing the 16th Annual CHAP Homeschool Convention
4/29/2002Texas--Announcing the 18th Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
4/29/2002Wisconsin--Announcing the CHEA Annual Spring Conference
4/29/2002California--Announcing the 16th Annual Bay Area Christian Home Educators Convention
4/26/2002Ohio--Amended H.B. 402 Vote Count
4/26/2002Washington DC--Final Town Hall Meeting Tuesday Night on Mandatory Preschool Bill
4/25/2002HSLDA Phone Survey--Member Help Needed
4/25/2002Vermont--Case Update
4/25/2002Ohio--Update on H.B. 402
4/25/2002Florida--Government Nanny Bill is Back, Calls Urgently Needed
4/23/2002Vermont--Final Committee Decision on H. 703 Expected Tomorrow
4/22/2002Virginia--Announcing the 11th Annual Fredericksburg Area Curriculum Fair
4/22/2002Texas--Announcing the SHELTER Home School Conference and Book Fair
4/22/2002Oklahoma--Announcing the 2002 OCHEC Home School Convention
4/17/2002Vermont--Standing Room Only at Hearing on H.B 703
4/17/2002Missouri--H.B. 1460 Passed by House, Now Before the Senate
4/17/2002Ohio--URGENT Calls Needed on H.B. 402
4/15/2002Kentucky--House Bills 54 and 725 Defeated
4/15/2002Georgia--Announcing the GHEA 16th Annual Christian Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair
4/15/2002Vermont--Crucial Hearing Tomorrow Night, Your Presence Vital
4/15/2002Massachusetts--Announcing the 13th Annual MassHOPE Convention
4/15/2002New Mexico--Announcing the 2002 New Mexico State Christian Home School Convention
4/12/2002Pennsylvania--Please Attend April 15 Home School Rally
4/12/2002Washington, DC--Town Hall Meeting Wednesday Night on Mandatory Preschool Bill
4/11/2002Missouri--Update: House Bill 1460 Now Fourth in Line for Action
4/10/2002Missouri--Parental Freedom in Jeopardy, Calls Needed Today
4/9/2002New York--Please Attend Rally in Albany Tomorrow
4/8/2002Louisiana--Announcing the 14th Annual Louisiana Convention and Book Fair
4/8/2002Minnesota--Announcing the MACHE 17th Annual Spring Conference
4/8/2002Maryland--Announcing the Maryland State Home Education Curriculum Fair
4/8/2002Illinois-Announcing the 2002 Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators
4/8/2002Colorado-Announcing the 2002 Western Slope Home Educators Conference
4/5/2002New York--Home School Rally in Albany! Update on S.B. 4767
4/4/2002Georgia--Update on H.B.1590
4/4/2002Virginia--Home School Discrimination Ends at the DMV
4/3/2002Georgia--Calls Needed on H.B. 1590
4/2/2002Vermont--House Education Committee to Discuss H.B. 703 on April 4
3/28/2002New York--Home School Rally in Albany! S.B. 4767 Update
3/28/2002Kansas--Announcing the Midwest Parents Education Conference
3/28/2002Missouri--Calls and Visits Needed on H.B. 1460 and S.B. 858
3/27/2002Washington D.C.--Town hall meeting Thursday night on bill to force 3 year olds to attend school
3/27/2002Teen camp early registration deadline fast approaching...
3/26/2002HSLDA and Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network Support Group Seminar coming to Portland, Oregon
3/25/2002New York---Calls Urgently Needed---Vote Tomorrow on SB 4767
3/22/2002Vermont--Calls and Visits Needed on H.B. 703
3/20/2002Oklahoma--Dangerous Legislation Stopped By Home Schoolers
3/20/2002Connecticut--Good News on H.B.5535
3/20/2002West Virginia--"Early Childhood Education" Trap for Families
3/18/2002Pennsylvania--Announcing the SEARCH 2002 Conference and Book Fair
3/18/2002Virginia--Announcing the 2002 HEARTH Homeschool Conference
3/18/2002Nebraska--Announcing the NCHEA 2002 Conference and Curriculum Fair
3/15/2002Indiana--Announcing the 17th Annual Indiana Home Educator's Convention
3/15/2002HSLDA and CHENH Support Group Seminar coming to Merrimack, New Hampshire
3/14/2002Wisconsin--School Census
3/14/2002Florida--"Government Nanny" Legislation Refuses to Die
3/13/2002Connecticut Home Schoolers Still in Jeopardy
3/13/2002Tennessee--Department of Education Memo Confusing Home Schoolers
3/12/2002Kentucky--Two Bills Threaten Home School Freedoms
3/11/2002Utah--Announcing the 2002 Utah Christian Homeschool Convention
3/11/2002Missouri--Legislation Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
3/8/2002HSLDA and Families for Home Education Support Group Seminar coming to Columbia, Missouri
3/7/2002New York--Upcoming Vote on Favorable New York Senate Bill 4767
3/7/2002Texas--Primary Election on Tuesday
3/6/2002Maine--Commissioner Albanese Poised To Destroy Two "Safe Harbors" In Home School Regulations
3/5/2002Vermont--A home school on trial
3/1/2002Vermont--H. 703 May Pass Deadline
3/1/2002Hawaii--Announcing the 2002 Hawaii Homeschool Conference
3/1/2002Idaho--Potential Legislation Could Damage Home School Freedoms
2/28/2002Connecticut--Urgent Calls Needed on Raised H.B. 5535
2/28/2002Florida--"Government Nanny" Resurrected in the Florida Senate
2/27/2002Virginia--Triennial School Census
2/27/2002Kentucky--House Bill 725 would mandate testing for home schoolers on welfare
2/26/2002Washington DC Area Field Trip
2/25/2002Illinois--Calls urgently needed on IL House Bill 795
2/21/2002Vermont--Calls urgently needed on VT House Bill 703
2/20/2002Vermont--HSLDA seeks help from Vermont home schoolers
2/15/2002NH H.B. 1408 Dies---Home Schoolers Breath Easier
2/14/2002North Dakota Christian Home Schoolers Prepare for Convention
2/13/2002South Dakota--Chris Klicka to address Annual South Dakota Christian Home Educators' State Convention
2/12/2002New Hampshire--UPDATE: HB 1408-House Vote Imminent
2/11/2002Florida--URGENT: Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Government Nanny Program
2/8/2002New Hampshire--H.B. 1408 Scheduled for a Floor Vote - Please Lobby Your Representative!
2/7/2002Czech Parliament Says "Enough E-mails!"
2/7/2002Indiana--Constitutional Law Symposium
2/6/2002Czech home school freedom in jeopardy
2/6/2002Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Area Support Group Seminar
2/4/2002Victory! Virginia House Bill 663 Defeated
2/4/2002Maine--URGENT: Your Attendance Needed on Friday
2/1/2002White House Intervenes to Stop Further Attempts to Regulate Home Schoolers in the Military
1/31/2002Virginia--H.B. 663 Update
1/31/2002Court Report Article on Military Home Schoolers
1/30/2002Virginia--Wednesday Hearing Postponed: Calls Still Needed Against H.B. 663
1/30/2002Washington--Hearing Tomorrow on Bill to Lower Compulsory Attendance to Age 6
1/30/2002Wisconsin Connections Academy: A Trojan Horse
1/29/2002Virginia--Vote Tomorrow: Home Schoolers Must Pass SOL for College Degree
1/25/2002New Hampshire - H.B. 1408 Defeated in the House
1/25/2002HSLDA and Christian Home Educators of Ohio Support Group Seminar coming to Columbus, Ohio
1/24/2002Kentucky--H.B. 54 Creates Uproar
1/23/2002HSLDA Extends Free Membership Opportunity and Opens E-lert Service to ALL
1/23/2002New Hampshire--Update on House Bill 1408: Home Schoolers Pack Hearing, Oppose Bill
1/23/2002Court Report Article---Military Home Schoolers
1/18/2002New Hampshire--H.B. 1408 - New Truancy Law Proposed
1/18/2002Maine--Proposed Revision to Chapter 130
1/18/2002HSLDA and Christian Association of Parent Educators Support Group Seminar coming to Albuquerque, New Mexico
1/18/2002Kentucky--H.B. 54 On The March
1/11/2002HSLDA Home School Parent & Support Group Seminar comes to San Antonio, TX
1/10/2002Help us update our list of home schooling legislators
1/3/2002HSLDA Home School Parent & Support Group Seminar comes to Wichita, Kansas