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Home Education Across the United States
How Do Home School Students Score?
     Why are so many parents choosing to home school? Because it works. This study shows that home educated students excel on nationally-normed standardized achievement exams. On average, home schoolers out-perform their public school peers by 30 to 37 percentile points across all subjects (Figure 2.0).
Figure 2.0

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Footnote: Data collected for standardized academic achievement tests for the 1994-95 academic year.
     * For more detail about the non-equal-interval nature of a simple percentile scale which has distortion especially near the ends of the scale, see the complete study by Brian D. Ray, Strengths of Their Own — Home Schoolers Across America: Academic Achievement, Family Characteristics, and Longitudinal Traits, 1997, Salem, OR: National Home Education Research Institute.

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