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May 9, 2003

Special Report on Homeschooling

Editor’s Note: On May 4, 2003, the Newark Advocate, an Ohio Newspaper, ran a special report on homeschooling.

Newark Teacher Found Success With Homeschooling
It was 1986 and Leslie Smith was scared and excited. Parents risked jail time and court actions for homeschooling. It didn't stop the Smiths. After hours of praying, they committed to homeschooling their daughter, Jennifer, who was 5 years old then.

Homeschooling Has Its Critics
Although public schools and homeschoolers are cooperating more, some administrators are wary of home education.

The ABCs of Home Education
Nationally, between 1 million and 2 million children are educated at home. About 50,000 children in Ohio are homeschooled, according to Ohio Department of Education estimated. Their parents have assumed the responsibility for their education instead of enrolling the child in a public, private or charter school.

Experience Can be the Best Teacher
A trip to Newark and Granville's mounds on a blustery April day was just one of many the Leppers, of Newark Township, arrange for their homeschooled boys.

Religious Education Key for Houser Family
"We don't believe government schools are the best place for our children," said David, a former Licking County commissioner. "We view the training of our children as our responsibility."

Getting Details on Homeschooling Becomes Easier
Homeschooling network continues to grow with help from support groups and the Internet.

Homeschoolers’ Progress Measured
Ohio requires homeschoolers show that they have made academic progress each year either by taking standardized tests or having a portfolio of their work reviewed by a certified teacher.

Homeschooling Questions and Answers

Early Homeschoolers Graduating, Off to College
Donnie Sears was homeschooled, but earned a high school diploma because he took courses at Granville Christian Academy. Colleges didn't ask for it when he applied. He had scored a 1480 out of 1600 on his SATs.

An Inside Look at a Homeschooler, All Grown Up
Dan Swick, a homeschooler turned college student, teaches karate at the Licking County YMCA.

Merit Finalist
Adam Parsons, 17, of Pataskala, was recently named a National Merit Scholarship Program finalist. He plans on attending Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pa., a Christian-centered institution, in the fall.