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September 24, 2001

Colorado School District Adopts New Tactic

The superintendent of Sargent School District is attempting to "buy off" home schoolers in order to gain more funds for the district. Local home school families have received a letter inviting them to enroll their children in public school for a three-day trial period during the last week of September and the first week of October. This coincides with the state's count period to determine district funding. Sargent's letter said, "In exchange for your child's attendance on those three days, we will issue a check to you in the amount of $600 per child for you to use for curriculum and other materials needed to support your child's education." The public school is also offering certain services for home school students who participate.

HSLDA is concerned that home schoolers are simply being used by public school officials to gain additional funding for the schools. Each student is worth close to $2,900 in state and federal funds, based on that late September/early October head count. The $600 home schools would receive is a pittance of the profit that the public school will make on each home school child. We urge home schoolers not to participate.

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