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New College Entrance Exam Focuses on Classical Learning

New College Entrance Exam Focuses on Classical Learning

Discount for HSLDA Members

Are you concerned about the Common Core standards appearing on mainstream college entrance exams? Then we have good news about an exciting alternative! Check out the Classic Learning Test, a fast-growing new college entrance exam option.

HSLDA is pleased to help introduce the Classic Learning Test (CLT) to our members and friends. The CLT is a new college entrance exam that is gaining acceptance at colleges across the country, including Patrick Henry College. HSLDA members get a $10 discount off the exam! Simply enter your HSLDA member number in the “Partner ID” field when registering.

Click here to learn more about the CLT, including when or where you can take it.

The CLT was designed as an alternative to the so-called values-neutral SAT and ACT exams. The literary and mathematical questions on the CLT draw on the ideas of some of the greatest minds in Western history. This rich material covers both theistic and secular perspectives, which will benefit and enrich the student in the test-taking process.

Because of this, we believe the CLT may provide the most accurate and rigorous measure of academic formation, accomplishment, and potential of your student.

The overall goal of Classic Learning Initiatives (CLI), the organization behind the CLT, is to repair the disconnect between intellectual pursuits and virtue. CLI believes the ancient Greek philosophers stressed the same basic ideas about education that many homeschooling parents hold to today.

CLI believes that how students learn to think, what they read, and how they live are all intricately connected. According to CLI, one reason that mainstream education in America is failing is that the pursuit of virtue, as traditionally understood, has been lost. CLT attempts first to quantify both the knowledge and the virtue your student has attained and then to present that to colleges.

CLI also believes that those who have been educated without using the Common Core standards should not have to be measured by those standards. The CLT is specifically designed for students, especially those who are homeschooled and independently educated, who wish to demonstrate their knowledge, abilities, and potential to college admission officers without wasting time and money reviewing Common Core materials.

HSLDA members who want to take the CLT will receive a $10 discount. To learn more about the CLT and the growing number of colleges that accept this new college entrance exam, visit today!