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January 19, 2016

WARNING: The video mentioned in the linked article contains candid conversations that include foul language. Although some of the objectionable expressions have been censored, we recommend that parents watch the video at their own discretion and out of reach of sensitive ears.

Textbook Seller Makes Shocking Admission


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“I hate kids.”

“Common Core is a joke.”

As reported in multiple news outlets this week, new footage from an undercover video is providing shocking new evidence for what HSLDA has suspected for years: the Common Core State Standards are about money and politics, not the well-being of children.

In 2012, HSLDA released a documentary called Building the Machine, which exposed the behind-closed-doors beginnings of the Common Core.

Now, the undercover video by Project Veritas journalist James O’Keefe sheds a little more light on the motivations of Common Core advocates.

Racking up Sales

A Houghton-Mifflin sales manager prominently featured in the video explains that the more standardized the curriculum becomes, the more books she can sell across the nation, regardless of whether or not it’s a right fit for the children. She compared textbooks to t-shirts—one size should fit all. She went on to say that educational publishing companies are in it purely for the money, and when told, “You seem like you’re in it for the kids though,” she laughingly replied: “I hate kids.”

And, perhaps more shockingly, this same Houghton-Mifflin executive doesn't think homeschool parents are equipped to teach their children. She summarizes her attitude this way: “I’m sorry, did you go to school to be a teacher? Well then don’t teach your kids. You know?”

Americans are being duped. A one-size-fits all solution isn’t a solution at all; it’s an excuse for big education publishers like Pearson and Houghton-Mifflin to make more money through test materials and curricula.

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