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November 9, 2015

Refusing to Conform:
Arizona becomes the 10th State to Reject Common Core

Lauren Mitchell, Legislative Assistant

HSLDA Department of Federal Relations

Lauren Mitchell

Lauren Mitchell is a legislative assistant for Federal Relations.

Recently, the Arizona State Board of Education voted to sever all ties with Common Core. After deliberating for almost an hour, the board voted 6-2 to remove Arizona from the controversial education reforms. It is a bold move, sending a clear message to Washington: Arizonans can take care of Arizona students without undue influence from the federal government!

While this is a huge step for the grassroots movement against Common Core in Arizona, there is still much to be done. The Common Core standards are staying in place—for now—until new standards are created and approved.  Activism on the part of parents, teachers, and students is still needed to push for state-created, localized standards. We urge you to contact the Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas and thank her for standing up against Washington and encourage your own state lawmakers to do the same. Send Douglas a thank you email here.

Together we can defeat Common Core. HSLDA remains committed to fighting alongside you in the effort to keep educational choice free from federal tampering. Consortia participation is cut by half, millions of students across the nation are opting out of the tests, and 10 states have rejected the standards altogether. We are seeing results! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Our freedom depends on your continued vigilance.

For more information about the Common Core and HSLDA’s efforts to defeat it, please click here to visit our Common Core website.


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