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February 10, 2014

Congress to Education Establishment: Time to End the Common Core

William A. Estrada, Esq.
Federal Relations Director
Cordell J. Asbenson
Congressional Action Program Director

Will Estrada has been leading our efforts to defend homeschooling on Capitol Hill since 2006. As the oldest of eight kids, and a homeschool graduate who married a homeschool graduate, he has a passion for protecting homeschool freedom. Read more >>

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Congress is listening to the parents and educators across the nation who are voicing their concerns about the Common Core State Standards Initiative. In a recent flurry of legislative activity, congressional opposition to the federal government’s involvement in pressuring the states to adopt the initiative has emerged loud and clear.

Last week, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced Senate Resolution 345, a powerful resolution pushing back against the Common Core State Standards Initiative and specifically calling for the federal government to “not incentivize the adoption of common education standards or the creation of a national assessment to align with such standards.” You can read a press release here.

The resolution is already cosponsored by senators Tim Scott (SC), Chuck Grassley (IA), Mike Lee (UT), Ted Cruz (TX), James Inhofe (OK), Thad Cochran (MS), Roger Wicker (MS), Dan Coats (IN), and Mike Enzi (WY).

A companion resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Jeff Duncan (SC). Since it was just introduced, it does not yet have a resolution number. Rep. Duncan’s resolution is already cosponsored by Joe Wilson (SC), Andy Harris (MD), Mick Mulvaney (SC), Trent Franks (AZ), Doug Collins (GA), Randy Hultgren (IL), Tim Huelskamp (KS), Thomas Massie (KY), Marsha Blackburn (TN), Lee Terry (NE), Justin Amash (MI), Tom Cotton (AR), Mike Rogers (AL), Matt Salmon (AZ), Bob Gibbs (OH), and Walter Jones (NC).

Senator Pat Roberts (KS) went a step further and introduced Senate Bill 1974, the Learning Opportunities Created At Local Level Act (LOCAL Level Act). S. 1974 underscores what the success of homeschooling has shown: local, parent-led control over education always trumps top-down, centralized control of education. Sen. Roberts’ bill explicitly prohibits the federal government from being involved in funding the Common Core and pressuring the states into adopting standards, curricula, and testing created by national education bureaucrats.

In the House, Rep. Phil Gingrey (GA) introduced House Resolution 4008, the Educational Freedom Act of 2014. This bill provides the same protections as S. 1974.

Please thank these members of Congress for standing up for local control over education and against the Common Core. You can reach their offices by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, or by using HSLDA’s legislative toolbox.

Then, please take a moment to contact your U.S. representative and two U.S. senators, urging them to cosponsor these two resolutions and two bills. Your message can be as simple as the following:

“As a homeschool parent, the issue of academic freedom and local control over education is vital to me. The federal government’s pressure on the states to adopt the Common Core shows that there is an effort underway to create a national set of standards, curricula, and testing. This could lead to more regulation of homeschool freedom in the future. Please cosponsor [insert bill number or sponsor of the legislation] to stop the federal government from pushing the Common Core on states, schools, and families.”

This issue is very important for homeschool freedom. Together, we can stop the Common Core.


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