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December 13, 2013

A Few For-Profit Colleges and Cosmetology Schools Demand GED

In 1999, HSLDA made a list of colleges that required homeschool graduates to have a GED. But after HSLDA successfully campaigned to change federal college financial aid law, the number of colleges requiring a GED dropped so low that it seemed no longer necessary to keep track.

But there has recently been a small uptick, including a few of the colleges that are operated on a for-profit basis, and some cosmetology schools.


Here is a list of schools, which we will add to as necessary, that treat a homeschool diploma with disregard by demanding a GED despite our efforts to dissuade them. There may be others.

  • Numerous cosmetology schools in New Jersey
  • University of Phoenix (multiple locations)
  • Fox College (Chicago, IL area)
  • Fortis Institute (Wayne, NJ)
  • Paul Mitchell Beauty School (Portland, Oregon)

Historically, colleges were operated altruistically by churches or other non-profit organizations. But the widespread availability of federally backed student loans has contributed to an increase in the number of colleges, etc., that are operated for profit.

A small number of for-profit colleges were accused of accepting students whose high school diplomas came from “diploma mills.” Some for-profit schools had unusually high student loan default rates.

Inappropriate Policies

The U.S Department of Education therefore tightened the rules. A small number of for-profit colleges responded—we believe inappropriately—by adopting blanket policies that they would not accept homeschool diplomas.

So we have a paradox: your homeschool graduate can get into the most prestigious universities in the nation, but maybe not into the for-profit college down the road!

One day these particular for-profit colleges will realize that excluding some of the best-qualified students in the country is not a wise decision. But until then, or until the homeschool community can bring enough pressure to bear to get them to change, homeschool graduates who don’t want the stigma of possessing a GED should bypass the for-profits that won’t accept your diploma and aim for the many excellent non-profit colleges that are available, or for one of the for-profit institutions with more reasonable policies.

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