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Homeschoolers in Eastern European Country Need Help

International Relations Department
May 6, 2011

“It is urgent that we work fast,” explains a homeschool leader from this formerly communist country. “The government has passed a new education law, and in spite of years of efforts to legalize homeschooling, it does not contain the explicit right to homeschool.”

In this country homeschooling is technically illegal, and families who wish to homeschool must comply with the law for private schools. In order to continue homeschooling without persecution, these families urgently require assistance in order to enroll their students in a “recognized international school.” We believe this service could be performed by a school recognized by a state in the United States (or some other country) in which these homeschooling families can “enroll.” They also need help in securing appropriate curriculum.

HSLDA Director of International Relations Michael Donnelly notes that these homeschoolers deserve our support.

“I have visited with many of these families who wish to homeschool,” said Donnelly. “Most of them are faithful Christians who are seeking to raise up their children according to their faith—just like so many homeschoolers in America. They are so encouraged by our example particularly here in the United States, and are grateful and hopeful that we can help them.”

HSLDA has been supporting beleaguered international homeschoolers for a decade and could not do that without the support of homeschooling families and organizations in America. It is vital that these families obtain the assistance of an American school as soon as possible in order to continue homeschooling next school year. Homeschoolers in this Eastern European nation are praying for a partnership with a school so that they may continue to satisfy the requirements of educational authorities in their country.