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Help Us Help Persecuted Homeschoolers

Michael P. Donnelly
Director of International Relations

April 6, 2010

Host a Family

Would you be willing to support our brothers and sisters in other countries by hosting or supporting a persecuted homeschool family? If so, please complete our online survey so we can match resources with needs. HSLDA will work carefully with both families to ensure that a mutually suitable situation can be arranged.

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Homeschoolers everywhere share a common bond that transcends national boundaries: the belief that families providing directly for the education of their children should be free from unwarranted governmental intrusion. Homeschooling parents across the globe also share an understanding that this fundamental right must be vigorously defended from increasingly hostile governments. This is true even in our own country, where homeschooling is legal.

While we appreciate the freedoms and opportunities established by our nation’s founders, the reality is that many homeschooling parents still face hostility from courts, legislatures, and executive agencies. This is why HSLDA exists—to defend homeschoolers wherever and whenever their rights are threatened. Due to the efforts of HSLDA, along with other homeschool groups, individuals, and families, homeschooling has flourished more in America than in any other country. Our history of respect for individual liberty and freedom—combined with a general (although weakening) respect for the inherent rights of parents to determine what is best for their children—has enabled millions of homeschoolers to thrive and become active contributors to our society. The strength of our movement and our common bond establishes a foundation for us to look beyond our own borders to help our persecuted brothers and sisters—for their good and for our own.

Unfortunately, there are a number of countries around the world where homeschooling is actively opposed and where foreign governments seek to stamp out fledgling homeschool movements. In particular, Brazil, Germany, and Sweden are aggressively persecuting homeschoolers. Yet, brave families living in these three countries still choose to homeschool their children—in spite of intense persecution in the form of punishing fines, criminal prosecution, or the loss of custody of their children. In an increasing number of cases, families are forced to flee their homelands in the face of this aggressive, government-sponsored persecution. HSLDA has reported widely on the plight of these homeschoolers. We recently won political asylum for the Romeike family from Germany. Sadly, the United States government has chosen to appeal this ruling.

HSLDA believes that helping fight for homeschooling freedom overseas strengthens our own freedom. Persecuted homeschoolers in other countries battle the same statist mentality that we have faced in recent decades. The ideology that public schools are the “defining standard” of what is best for children’s education and socialization exists strongly overseas and even in our country. By fighting this idea abroad, we can prevent it from thriving here.

In the past, HSLDA has been contacted by generous homeschoolers willing to support their persecuted brothers and sisters in other countries. If you would like to partner with us in this important battle by potentially hosting or supporting a persecuted homeschool family, please contact us. You can begin by completing a brief survey. This will allow us to match potential families. Close coordination between all of us will precede a formal offer of assistance, and HSLDA will work carefully with both families to ensure that a mutually suitable situation can be arranged.

Thank you for standing with us in support of freedom.