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In Memoriam -- Christohper J. Klicka

Videos and Written Tributes to Chris

HSLDA Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka became very ill at HSLDA’s 2009 National Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs, and was taken to the hospital on Friday, September 25. On the evening of Saturday, September 26, during the final conference session, attendees recounted stories about Chris and expressed words of encouragement to him and his family.

At that time, the severity of Chris’s failing health was not yet understood. That would become clear over the next few days. How grateful we are now for this record of Chris’s impact on the lives of so many homeschooling leaders, their families, and the state organizations and the many families they represent.

The following video includes a brief selection of the heart-felt messages shared that evening.

In one of Chris Klicka’s last video appearances (recorded in May 2009), he told the story of discovering he had multiple sclerosis, described the impact it had on his family, his work, and his approach to life, and shared the things that kept him going during his 15-year battle against the disease.

To the Klicka family,

Please accept our condolences in the passing of your husband, father, son, and a true Christian warrior. We never met him, but through the HSLDA magazine and Home School Heartbeat we were always aware of his efforts to defend homeschooling families. God comfort you and give you His strength and wisdom now and in the days ahead. You are in our prayers.

In Christ

The Venable family

The families from Michigan are experiencing homeschool freedom today in great part to Mr. Klicka. Before a law, we were one of those early families who lived in seclusion, so as to follow the calling upon our hearts to “train up our children.” The creation of a home education law in Michigan opened the door to many families being able to respond to this calling upon their own families.

In April of 1996, Mr. Klicka and others from HSLDA came and did a leadership symposium to train Michigan support group leaders concerning the new law. Our last child was nearing graduation by this point, but Mr. Klicka encouraged us, as a couple, to stay on as support group coordinators to pass the vision on to the next generation. We are still involved with the homeschool group and enjoy the blessings we have received through the 25 years we have been involved. At the symposium, we witnessed and came to respect this amazing, humble man who was blessed with wisdom and passion for the rights of the family.

It feels like we have lost a family member, and we mourn his passing. However, we rejoice that he is now made whole in the loving presence of his Savior and Creator. May the Lord embrace Chris Klicka’s family with His peace and His love.

Dale and Susan Wolfsen

Dear Family and Friends of Chris Klicka,

When I first heard Chris Klicka give his message on "The Heart of Homeschooling" at the first CHEC Conference I had attended, I was in awe of his clear message of how God had inspired his life and homeschooling.

It has now been six years since that first message and every year I listen to that CD and I’m inspired over again.

Celebrate Chris’ life in Christ. Thank you, God, for him.


Debra Michael
and family
Dr. Chris, Jake (8th grade) and Rosie (5th grade)

Mr Klicka was a great representation for homeschooling families across this great nation.  He fought tirelessly to make sure that our rights were not trampled on.  In 2006–2007 Mr. Klicka represented our CPS case in Wylie, Texas against allegations of neglect that could not be proved.  After working tirelessly on our behalf the case against us was dropped.  If it had not been for Mr. Klicka, the case could have went in a different direction.  I think HSLDA has lost a great patriot that worked to protect homeschooling rights and help families against unfounded allegations from CPS agents.  I know he will be greatly missed, and our prayers go out to his family and staff at HSLDA.

God Bless,

Randal and Angela Allen
Forney, TX

I did not know Mr. Klicka personally, but his name and work became very familiar to me in the years since we began homeschooling, in 1995.

I feel so very close to all committed homeschoolers; we are one family in so many ways.

It broke my heart to learn of Mr. Klicka’s passing; I knew how beloved he was, and how much he did for the homeschooling community from the very beginning.

May he rest in eternal peace with all the saints of our Creator.


Annette Ravinsky
HSLDA Life Member

I will always be grateful for the help that Chris gave us during a confrontation with the school district. He was extremely kind but also firm. I thought to myself, "This is a true Christian man…."

I am saddened and surprised that he has passed away, but am also glad that he is in God’s hands, at peace, and at rest from the trials of this life. He made a big impact on me personally.

With best regards to his family and asking for God’s blessing upon them,

James E. DeGroot
Harbor Springs, Michigan

I saw this man speak a few years back at a ENOCH conference in New Jersey. I wasn’t going to go because he was a lawyer and I figured he was just going to promote HSLDA. I went in with preconceived ideas. The first thing I noticed was that he had trouble walking. Before he talked about anything, he told a bunch of humiliating lawyer jokes. I laughed; I was hooked. Here was a man who truly was humble, a ground-in-the-earth realist, who knew how folks thought of lawyers, but a man with courage and faith to speak with integrity. How many times have you heard a politician speak and you have to turn it off because you know he’s lying? When I heard Christopher J. Klicka speak I heard the truth ringing in my ears and it was refreshing. Within five minutes of his introduction I went from disliking a man because of his trade to respecting and honoring a man because of his words.

He spoke of his MS and how God had made him "strong in his weakness." I believe he was referring to his spirituality. He spoke about how in the majority of homeschooling litigation, homeschoolers ultimately triumphed through the will of the Lord. He spoke about anger, which I later asked him about after his seminar. He pointed out that during court trials, he would calmly present his case while the school superintendent would go into a tirade and lose the argument. I asked him later about anger and he pointed out that in the defense of Christ a righteous anger is justified as when Christ "dumped the tables of the money changers in the Lord’s house."

I then watched him with the help of his crutches and with great effort, get down from the stage. What puzzled me was… how did he stand there for an hour on stage? Here was a determined, faithful man, a man I could follow. After that, I went right over to HSLDA’s booth, met his family, joined the organization and bought one of his books!

The power of Faith,

Michael Capro
Manasquan NJ

I was very sad to learn of the death of Chris Klicka. During my years at the U.S. Department of Education, I called him on many occasions to seek his expertise on state homeschool laws, and also on homeschool matters at the federal and international levels. I and my staff in the Office of Non-Public Education used his reports on state laws as valuable reference resources. I appreciated his deep knowledge of the law, and his commitment to defending the rights of parents.

After knowing him by phone and reputation for many years, I was delighted to finally meet him in person several years ago, at an HSLDA dinner in Washington. I was impressed by his big smile, his energy, his grit, and his faith in God.

The rapid rise of homeschooling is an enormously important movement in America and abroad. Chris’s work in making homeschooling legal in all fifty states is a great contribution not only to homeschool families, but to all Americans and indeed to our civil society. He leaves behind a legacy that will benefit generations to come. It was a privilege to know him.

Jack Klenk

Former director, Office of Non-Public Education
U.S. Department of Education

Our family thinks that Chris Klicka should be the first inductee to the "Home School Hall of Fame." May he rest in peace.

The Tiltons

Springfield, MO

Dear Klicka Family,

What a wise godly man has left us and reached his eternal reward!

Tracy and the children will be in our prayers. We are forever grateful to you and your dad for the sacrifices you each have made to protect our rights to homeschool.

We first spoke personally with Chris over a homeschool legal matter in 2000. His wisdom and diplomacy helping us through the situation while driving children to soccer made a lasting impression. What a blessing to have a godly man so willing to guide and direct families in difficult circumstances.

We last met with Chris at the Treasure Coast homeschool fair just a few years ago. His Friday night seminar talk was outstanding! Our hearts were still grieving from the loss of our youngest son as we attempted to faithfully parent the four children still in our home. He was clearly speaking a God given message as he encouraged parents in homeschooling by encouraging their primary focus to be on serving God faithfully regardless of the circumstances. Learning of the struggles he faced and his continued passion for sharing Jesus with those around him helped us to step beyond our pain and engage in the work God had planned for us.

Chris’s example is a model of a godly husband, father, friend, and faithful servant of our Lord Jesus. We have been touched positively by his life.

May God comfort and sustain those Chris looks forward most to seeing in his new home in Heaven.

In Love,
The MacFarland Family
Hobe Sound, FL

Tracy and Children,

I just had to pay my respects to your family. I am so grateful for being able to attend the Idaho Homeschool Convention and to hear Chris speak this June. He gave it his all and I was encouraged and challenged in the Lord.

You have and will be in our prayers,


Cheri Hubbard

Chris Klicka was a passionate man of faith and trailblazing advocate for homeschoolers and homeschooling issues. Through his dedication and great work at the Home School Legal Defense Association, Chris helped protect families and their freedom to choose homeschooling as an education method. Generations for years to come will benefit from the many doors opened by Chris.

Vicki and I send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the Klicka family during this time.

U.S. Congressman Todd Tiahrt

Many of us homeschool parents in Frisco, Texas, know of Chris Klicka’s work for homeschoolers only by reading about them, but what a great man! With heartfelt tears and sympathy, we lift prayers to our Heavenly Father for dear Tracy and his children.

What a great legacy he has left you by following Christ wholeheartedly and making his life count!

We are grateful for the work he did on our behalf and on behalf of homeschoolers around the world. May you, his related and his unrelated family, feel the Lord’s comfort.

God bless your hearts.

In gratitude,
Kim Martin

Colorado homeschoolers owe a deep debt of gratitude to Chris for helping to establish the current state homeschooling law. Chris was a favorite speaker at our annual conference and other events. His passion to evangelize motivated all of us to live for Christ. Tracy’s steadfastness and trusting in God’s sovereignty encourage all of us to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd who only gives good gifts to His sheep. We pray God’s rich blessing on the children that they always walk in God’s ways. We are thankful that Chris has finished running the race and is safely home. He fought the good fight—may we do the same. God bless the Klicka family.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director
Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC)

To his family and cohorts:

We have been so thankful for Chris Klicka and our HSLDA family. Where would Christian homeschooling and the civil rights fight be without you? Everyone’s days are numbered; but as we say in our family, “God numbers our days, but we are accountable for the quality of those days.” Christopher’s service will be greatly missed, and his shoes hard to fill, “but the Lord will not leave us defenseless.” I believe our Savior will say to Chris on the Day of Judgment, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” for he has set a good and faithful example for us all. May we all support his replacement, by standing steadfast by his side, speaking out and fighting the good fight to forward and protect the “free exercise” of our mutual faith.

Rest easy Christopher, we’ll take it from here.

Love and Blessings in Christ,

Brooks and Carol Taylor
West Virginia/Indiana

I was saddened to learn of the death of our brother in Christ, Christopher Klicka. I am so grateful to HSLDA for publishing Chris Klicka’s books. His work was a 10-year source of inspiration and encouragement to me and my homeschooling family. Moreover his book, Home Schooling: The Right Choice equipped us to be apologists for the homeschooling movement. His powerful mind and valiant heart for our nation’s children, and hence our future, will be missed. We are praying for Tracy and their children.

Debbie Baird Buie
Development Assistant
Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries

It was more than a dozen years ago now, when we were still living in Maryland and homeschooling our daughter, when I had the opportunity and joy of hearing Chris talk at a MACHE conference. Admittedly I’d have to look in a very old notebook to find what it was that he shared that day. However I don’t have to consult a notebook to remember vividly that the room of homeschoolers Chris spoke to (including myself) went out from what he shared empowered and charged to continue in the mission of giving our children the best education we could to honor the Lord—no matter what obstacles and opposition we faced.

That was a pivotal moment for me and certainly for many others who heard him speak, as it restored our vision and motivation to continue in one of the hardest and most rewarding missions a parent can have.

In many ways, what Chris said that day was like having the blessing of the people in our life who most matter in our life instead of their doubt, contempt and ridicule for willingly following the Lord’s leading to teach our children ourselves in our own homes.

This was particularly important to me as earlier that day at the MACHE conference I found out that several families, including leaders, of the church we’d gone to when we were first married had never thought our marriage would last, much less that we’d take up the cause of sacrificing one income for the eternal good and goal of homeschooling our child.

To the extent that the doubts of these people I thought had known and cared for us while we fellowshipped with them stung me, Chris’ words exhorted and encouraged me.

While there’s nothing worse than being felled by “friendly fire”, there’s nothing better than being ministered to and restored by a fellow follower on the journey who sees you’ve fallen and your strength to go on is waning.

Had Chris not spoken that day with such earnestness and eloquence from his vast personal and professional experience, I doubt I would’ve been the only person at that conference who may have surrendered to the pressure to put our children ”in school” rather than continuing with the mission of homeschooling. 

I never attended another conference, but God used Chris to help me stay steady on in the journey so that I was able to keep homeschooling our daughter through the completion of high school. I will never cease to praise God for using Chris Klicka to speak the words that were oil and wine to a wounded sojourner that helped restore me to finish the journey of homeschooling.

I was so blessed over the days prior to Chris’s graduation to Glory to observe the Klicka family as they lived lives of genuine faith and unwavering trust in God while preparing to surrender their beloved Chris to heaven and the arms of our Heavenly Father through their Caring Bridge website.

What I observed of Tracy Klicka and her family has been very inspiring. They will continue to be in my prayers. It has been a joy to witness some winsome believers who shine in adversity and loss—they are living tributes to our God and to Chris’s legacy they will carry on always.

Susan Kemenyas
Berkeley Springs, WV

The year was 1994, and out of obedience to the Holy Spirit, I had just finished teaching my oldest son kindergarten at home. It was at this time that I read Chris Klicka’s book Homeschooling:  The Right Choice. Upon its conclusion, I went to my husband and said, “If you read this book, you would get down on your knees and beg me to homeschool Jay for the next twelve years.”  He said, “Go for it!” and I did.

Fast forward to the year 2009. I’m now a member of HSLDA and I get the alert that we need to pray for Chris. I pray, but I cry too, realizing the impact this man has had on my life. Then I hear word of his death and find out that he was born just two days before me, and had seven children, just like me. Although I never knew Chris, I can relate to him.

I read further to find out what a servant he was. Surely he will be greeted with the words we all long to hear, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”  Interesting that I was instructed years ago to pray that my boys would be mighty men of God, but over the years I have changed, and pray that my boys will be servants of the Most High. In the end, may we all relate to Chris and be found worthy to be called servants.

Bev Williams

Our sincerest sympathy: We were saddened to hear of the passing of Chris Klicka and how the homeschool community has lost such a great leader and hero for our cause. We appreciate all the work he has done on our behalf as homeschoolers and the behalf of homeschoolers everywhere. He will be greatly missed by all. We will keep his family in our prayers and pray that God will grant them peace that surpasses all understanding during this difficult time.


The Brown Family
HSLDA member
Shawnee, KS

Dear HSLDA staff and Klicka family,

My name is Sharon Davis, and I received an e-mail of Mr. Klicka passing.

I wish to give my condolence and prayers to his family. Homsechooling is not an easy task and I want to thank Mr. Klicka for all he’s done for the homeschool family.

During my years homeschooling my son, I had many questions as well as a few challenging situations, and HSLDA has always been there to answer questions and to hold my hand when things became challenging.

I want to thank the whole staff at HSLDA for a wonderful job done for my family and giving me the confidence to teach my son this far. I did not think I could teach him this far.

Thank you!
Sharon Davis 

Thank God for godly men like Chris What a legacy to leave to us and his family! He had completed his work here on earth. I bet he is wanting us to hurry up and get there, too, because it is so much better there than here. We will miss him.
God bless his precious family!

L. Terry Margulis
Browns Mills, NJ

For several years I had to report to a principal who was hostile toward homeschoolers. At first, the principal was careful to not cross the legal lines. When he did cross the line, I faxed all pertinent paperwork to Chris. Chris acted promptly. When the principal tried to backpedal, Chris reported that he had copies of all the letters. The principal retracted his request. Chris talked me down from a near-hysterical mom into one who was willing to forgive and continue to work with a principal who was less than favorable. That year, Chris was my hero, and HSLDA was my best investment. I am grateful to both.

I knew that he was ill. I wasn’t expecting to get this emotional about his passing. They say that only the good die young. Chris certainly was a good man. Many will miss him. But I also rejoice that he is fully healed at the throne of Christ. No more pain, no more tears for him, only for us in our grief.

In Christ’s service,

Pastor Sallie/Sissy Soltysiak
Stamford UMC

To the Klicka family and HSLDA staff:

We wish to send our condolences to the Klicka family and HSLDA staff. We are very conscious of the fact that our family’s homeschooling experience has been trouble-free primarily because of the groundbreaking efforts of Mr. Klicka and the HSLDA organization. We deeply appreciate all that Mr. Klicka has personally sacrificed in order to enable people of faith to follow their conscience and God-given right to educate their own children as they deem best. The homeschooling movement may have lost this champion of educational freedom, but Heaven has gained a victorious warrior for truth and freedom. Our hearts go out particularly to the Klicka family. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


Ken & Sybille Weaver

My sincere condolences to the Klicka family. Although I have never met Mr. Klicka, I have witnessed his commitment to the homeschooling community. He leaves a legacy of servanthood. And he has met our Creator, our Heavenly Father, who is saying, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Thank you,

The Quimby Family
Huntington Beach, California

We grieve here, but only for a season. Our loving Father has called one of his own—another loving father—home. But we do not grieve as those without hope, for he is home, and we shall see him again.

Margie and I have known Chris and Tracy since we worshipped together at McLean Presbyterian Church, more than 20 years ago. When we met with the Arlington County School Board to defend our claim to the religious exemption for homeschoolers, Chris was our advocate, as he has been for so many others. He graciously and ably represented us during a hearing that lasted an hour and three-quarters, and after all that, the board voted by a mere 3–2 to allow our exemption!

Chris’s family, homeschooling parents across the nation, and HSLDA’s “family” will all miss Chris, his passion for service, and his vision for the acceptance of homeschooling—and homeschoolers—as equal, if not superior—to institutional schooling.

Chris, we honor you! . . . Rest well from your earthly labor, knowing that your Lord has welcomed you home with those words we all long to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Chip Watkins

Thank you for sharing your husband and father for the greater good of homeschooling. I feel sure there are freedoms my family enjoys today because of his persistence and dedication. We will be praying for you as you miss and celebrate his life.

In joy and in sorrow, “Blessed be the name of the Lord!”


Terri Smith
Homeschooling mom in The Woodlands, TX

Christopher Klicka, our own modern-day hero of the faith—words cannot express our sorrow for his family though we know his reward is so great in heaven!

Chris has been our family’s godly hero for nearly 20 years as we began with his book, Home schooling: the Right Choice, and he truly was my daughters’ role model as they grew up loving the Lord. They always loved going to the homeschool convention to hear him speak with such passion for the Lord and the godly right, privilege, and calling we all shared as believers to home educate our children.

Now my daughters are adults, having been homeschooled through all their years of education. Our eldest daughter is a 3L at Regent Law School studying Constitutional Law to defend our rights, as she learned from Chris’s example and inspiration. Our younger daughter loves and serves the Lord in ministry, and we know his legacy and influence will live on through hundreds of thousands of families like ours throughout the nation and the world.

We are so grateful, Tracy Klicka, to you and all your children for sharing him with all of us. You will never know until heaven how profoundly it has impacted the body of Christ for God’s glory. I can only imagine how all of you, his children, will continue this legacy. We will keep you in our prayers.

The Siena Family
Mark and Christine
Bethany and Amy
Buffalo, New York

To the family and friends of Christopher J. Klicka,

Our youngest son graduated from homeschool, May 15, 2009. Our family homeschooled for a total of eight years and, during all of those years, it was a comfort and a consolation knowing that we had HSLDA for support. We know from all of the correspondence we received through the years of the tireless effort that Mr. Klicka offered to homeschooling families everywhere. Although we are no longer homeschooling our own children, we now have three granddaughters and a soon to be grandson who will be born next week. They all will be homeschooled, Lord willing, and they, too, will join HSLDA. Mr. Klicka’s labors and influence will reach beyond this generation and his work will go on, no doubt, until our Lord returns. Our condolences and prayers go out to you all. May you find comfort in knowing what a tremendous blessing he was to so many.

In Christian love,

The Danny Sargent Family
Springville, AL

He was a wonderful man, great speaker and inspiring homeschool dad. He will be greatly missed!

Valerie Mantia

A Memory

It is with tears in my eyes that I read and write about Chris Klicka. As a homeschooler of 15 years, I have heard his name many times and have read a few of his articles in various homeschool publications. I and my two teenage sons had the privilege of hearing him speak at the last ICHE homeschool conference in April 2009. He was an inspiring person, and his story moved my boys’ hearts. I realized then what a warrior he was. We, the homeschool community, have lost a great warrior. Yet, the Spirit which moved him can still move us, and with prayer and determination, our sons and daughters, to carry on the cause of Christ in homeschooling and in our communities. May we never forget Chris’s God and Chris’s life of sacrifice for Christ’s cause.

Michelle Pollard 


Our sincere sympathy to all of you on the loss of a dear colleague and brother in Christ. Our family had the privilege of hearing Mr. Klicka speak many different times over the years, but the one that stands out is the time he preached at our church in Wisconsin. Despite all he was suffering, his zeal for the Lord was incredible. He knew he had limited time on this earth, and he wasn’t going to waste it. He wanted everyone he met to know about his Savior, Jesus Christ.

We will never forget all this precious man did for the homeschooling community. He may have been slight in stature and very frail, but he was a giant among men. Our prayers are with the Klicka family and all of you at HSLDA.

In Christ,

Greg & Vicky Hartel & family

Dear HSLDA and the Klickaclan,

We just read the news about Chris Klicka’s passing. We want to let the Klicka family and HSLDA know that Chris’s book, The Right Choice, was the first book our family read about homeschooling. Because of the efforts of people like Chris and everyone at HSLDA, we were able to step out in faith 12 years ago to take our first shaky steps into homeschooling. Our children are now 17, 17, 14 and 11—and there is no doubt in our minds that we have been greatly blessed by the Lord through homeschooling. Thank you to the Klicka family and HSLDA for all you have done on our behalf!  May God continue to give strength and comfort in the days ahead.

Love and prayers,

Jan and Nellie Vander Hout Family
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

Dear family of Chris Klicka,

I am deeply and truly sorry for your loss! Even though I never had to call on Chris through our homeschooling experience, he certainly inspired us through the years! He will greatly be missed by many who knew him personally and those who only knew him through his great works through HSLDA! You all will be in our prayers, and may God sustain you through this difficult time!

With deepest sympathy,

Cheryl Litchfield

To the family of Christopher Klicka,

I am one of the people the Lord touched through Christopher’s book Home Schooling: The Right Choice. After reading his book, my husband and I began homeschooling, 15 years ago. By God’s grace, we have continued to homeschool all four of our sons and currently have three in college.

I am grieved for your loss and want you to know I am grateful for the life of your husband, father, and son. I will pray for all of you.

In His Service,
Natalie Niewoehner

To the Klicka family, at the loss of their husband and father, Chris,

I am saddened by your loss, even as I rejoice with Chris’ promotion to heaven! I wanted to share a few of my memories of Chris with you. This last June, Chris was our convention keynote speaker. Ours was the fourth weekend in a row that Chris had been doing conventions, and he arrived worn out. The long flight from Virginia to Idaho was made more difficult, when upon arrival, it was discovered that the key to Chris’ motorized scooter had been lost by the airline. After spending several hours searching at the airport, we called a local friend who works for a medical supply company and a loaner scooter was procured. Apparently every scooter has a mind of its own, and this loaner scooter moved at a much brisker pace than Chris was accustomed to.

Our facility is a lovely but aging church, with the podium being about four feet above the audience. They had put together a very long, narrow, handicap-access ramp up to the stage. Our opening keynote speaker of the convention was Chris, and as he was introduced, he zipped up that long ramp like a race car driver. He turned the scooter around to face his audience and, to our horror, he very nearly soared off the stage, with the front wheels over the edge, and our emcee grabbing him and pulling him back just in time. The audience gasped in alarm, but Chris barely gave it mention as he started into his first address. At the conclusion of his address, he began descending the ramp, and everyone was holding their breath, praying for no mishaps as Chris called out with his characteristic giggle, “Don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine!” This cavalier call brought much laughter as it was apparent that Chris had a sense of humor about his own peril and predicaments.

As I said before, Chris was very tired, and he was at the end of his own strength, and yet as he told me when I first asked him to be a keynote speaker, the Lord had laid something on his heart for Idaho that he really wanted to communicate to us. His weariness was immediately apparent when Chris would begin an address, but within just a few minutes of commencing to speak, a visible change came over Chris. He sat up a little bit straighter in his chair, and his voice though still gentle and calm, came with more force and authority. The audience would lean forward in their seats, and it was obvious that they were literally sitting at the feet of a man who had much to teach them. God’s anointing fell on Chris each time that he spoke, in a visible way, and I believe that Chris once again felt God’s pleasure with His faithful servant.

In the last few weeks, I have been often reminded what Chris called out at our convention: “Don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine!” Yes! We no longer have reason to worry about Chris, because he is more than fine; He is with the Lord in Glory—shouting, singing, dancing and praising His Creator and King. I praise God for this, and yet I am saddened at the loss for our sakes. How we will miss him! 

Thank you for loaning him to our state for another precious weekend! So many lives were impacted by hearing him speak, and meeting him personally. May God strengthen and encourage the Klicka family! 

Linda Patchin
Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State

Tracy & family, HSLDA staff,

I have been following Chris’s progress these past days and praying. I am so very sorry to know he is gone from among us, but as Tracy so eloquently said, how joyous to know that he is free from pain and trouble.

I’m a Colorado homeschooler, and since I first heard Chris years ago at a homeschool conference, I’ve been deeply thankful for his part in forging our good state homeschool laws. So much of what he did was at great cost to himself in terms of comfort, but how grateful we are for his leadership and tireless efforts on our behalf. He was such a Christ-like example of the “good fight,” of making our lives count.

Tracy, thank you for sharing these past couple of weeks. Your faith has been such a glowing testimony of God’s grace and an encouragement to the rest of us in our troubles. May the Lord uphold you in every way, and set before you an open door of blessing in the coming days.

In Christ’s love,
Mrs. Wendy Dellinger

I was saddened to hear about the loss of Chris to his long term illness. Although I only know of Chris through his activities at HSLDA, I had come to know and respect the fight that he had diligently and passionately taken up to support the right to homeschool and,  through this, to defend our right to keep Christ at the heart of our educational process.

I will pray for Chris’ family and that the Lord would raise up others like Chris to continue the battle with the same passion.

Dave Sampsell
Allentown, PA

I had the distinct privilege to attend my first homeschool seminar with Chris being one of the speakers. We were new to homeschooling that year and had so many questions. His advice was invaluable to me. At the end of the seminar, I felt confident that my husband and I would be successful in educating our daughter. He spoke in detail as to what we should do should social services ever come knocking at my door. Five years ago, at the beginning of our homeschool journey, we joined HSLDA, knowing with confidence that should we have a problem, Chris was just a phone call away. His work will never be forgotten. Our prayers go out to his family and his co-workers. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30

Steve and Jo Roberts
Huffman Texas

Inspiring, encouraging, humble . . .

From the late 1980’s when we began homeschooling until last spring when my oldest got her doctorate, this man and the others in leadership gave me courage to do the right thing. In 1997, a letter to the office about my own trying time of illness led to a membership scholarship. As I began to recover, I resumed and have continued to support the organization long after the kids left for college. I have deep feeling for this man, what he stood for, and the ministry he honored.

Stan Cobb

To the family of Chris Klicka,

We are truly sorry for your loss. Chris was a true champion, a real hero in the homeschooling community. He has fought the good fight. The Lord will truly say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” We as a family will continue to uphold you and yours in our prayers for many days to come.

Sincerely, in Christ Jesus,
Mark & Susan Wolf

Dear Friends and Family of Chris,

Just know that many in the Houston area are praying for Chris’s family. We so appreciate all the years that HSLDA has supported SETHSA’s ministry and have especially enjoyed the times with Chris. He will never know how he has touched our community, but just assure his family of our love and prayers.

Holly & Ken Wallis
Ted & Johnnie Seago
Carrie & Patrick Scott
Kathy & Travis Terrell
Wendy Fleck

We are so very grateful for his work to protect the homeschool community. Outside of our relationship with God, it is family that gives life meaning, and the freedom to be and do with our family what we desire is so crucial. It is people like Chris Klicka that remind us that we are not powerless or insignificant despite being outnumbered. He is our David, fighting a Goliath of beaurocracy.

God is with you.

The Hawleys
Mesa, AZ

Dear Mr. Klicka and family,

Just a quick note to say how very thankful our family is for your many years of service in HSLDA. We have been blessed by your efforts to secure legal homeschooling rights for us in California and the nation. We are in our 22nd year of homeschooling, with 2 1/2 left. The Lord has been gracious to allow you to work on His behalf all these years, and we thank Him, and you, for your efforts. Without your efforts and courage, we would not be homeschooling today. May God be with you and your family, and grant you His presence. Looking forward to meeting you and thanking you in person when we all get to heaven.

Sue Butler and family

We don’t know what we would have done at times without the encouragement of Mr. Klicka’s writings and his incredibly selfless work.

May God bless and comfort him and his family, and dear ones at HSLDA!

The Swart Family
Weiser, ID

Dear Mr. Klicka and Family:

We are praying for you. Thank you so very much for what you have done for all of us homeschooling families. I’ve homeschooled three children. One is in his second year of college and the other two are in high school and junior high. I felt so strong knowing you have been standing in the gap for us. I can’t tell you how scared I was at times, but my husband and I knew you were there, fighting for us and our family. You are a very important man to God and to all of us. Your family must be very, very special. May God bless all of you.

Love in Christ,

Lisa Wilder & James Wilder
St. Albans, WV

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