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Home School Foundation
December 12, 2006

Clicks for Homeschooling Hits New Fund-raising High
Clicks for Homeschooling

Thanks to you who take advantage of the Clicks for Homeschooling program, Christmas came early to our charitable organization that helps needy homeschoolers.

Clicks for Homeschooling uses the affiliate programs offered by certain online retailers to pass on a percentage of what you spend to the Home School Foundation. Last year Clicks raised $29,572. This year, the money raised by Clicks has already surpassed the 2005 total—with the busiest shopping month of the year still to go.

And your generosity sure makes a difference. HSF uses the money generated by your shopping dollars to assist widows, families with special needs children, and other homeschoolers in difficult situations.

One widow who was helped this year by the Home School Foundation wrote: “There is absolutely no way for me and my children to express our gratitude for the wonderful gift you sent us. We continue daily to be shown how our Lord provides for His people.”

Shopping through Clicks for Homeschooling is free and easy. Simply go to our Clicks webpage, choose links to the retailers you want—and shop.

Clicks provides links to top booksellers such as, curriculum providers such as Sonlight and Tapestry of Grace, as well as general retailers and specialty vendors. In all, there are more than 150 retail site to choose from. And to make it even easier, we are now including a page of advertising links that feature specials being offered on select sites.

So as you wrap up your Christmas shopping this year, don’t forget to use Clicks. Remember, every click can help a homeschooler.

Click here to take advantage of the Clicks for Homeschooling program.