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Home School Foundation
November 14, 2006

Game Sales Benefit Needy Homeschoolers
“Homeschoolopoly” includes all the fun and educational qualities of the classic boardgame while celebrating the best of homeschooling.

It’s something you ask yourself every year: “What am I going to get my family for Christmas?”

Well, this year, you can purchase a game that will not only be a delightful diversion for your whole family, but will also support homeschoolers in need.

Home School Legal Defense Association and the Home School Foundation are both among the organizations featured in the new “Homeschoolopoly.” You can purchase your game for the low cost of $26.99 and donate a percentage of the profits to the Home School Foundation’s Compassion Fund by clicking here.

From grumbling over having to pay a public school tax to letting HSLDA get you “out of court” free, you will laugh at this game’s clever twists. And as you collect $200 each time you round the board, you’ll be reminded that indeed, there is no place like home.

Click here to take advantage of this special offer!