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October 3, 2006

Curriculum Market Going Strong

Less than a week after being unveiled to the public, Home School Legal Defense Association’s online Curriculum Market is generating a good deal of trading activity and interest among homeschoolers.

The site was announced to the general public September 29. As of noon today the site reported 1,650 registered users and 1,050 open auctions. Sixty-two auctions had already been successfully completed.

“Our goal is to make it easier for members to find the curriculum they need—and maybe to save a few dollars by selling books and other items they’ve already put to good use,” said HSLDA President J. Michael Smith. “We’re grateful for the positive response we’ve received so far about the site, and hope many more homeschoolers will find it beneficial.“

HSLDA’s Curriculum Market is intended for the sale of new and used curriculum as well as materials specifically related to homeschooling. The site was created in response to our members’ concerns about the policies of other auction sites that do not allow the sale of teacher or instructor materials (e.g., anything with an answer key).

And so far, many members have told us they appreciate our sensitivity to their needs.

One member wrote: “This is a huge benefit! I have curriculum to sell and couldn’t decide where the best place, and safest place was where I could sell things! You have just answered my prayer!“

Another told us: “I’m one of the parents who depends on auction sites to buy curriculum and was very discouraged to hear the sale of teacher guides and such was no longer allowed [on other sites]. Thank you for making another way to help us in our homeschooling efforts.”

Since we are offering this resource as a member benefit, only HSLDA members will be allowed to buy. This also helps ensure that teacher materials are being sold only to teachers.

However, anyone can sell materials on the site. Vendors can sell through auctions, multiple item auctions, bartering, and fixed price sales. If vendors have a lot to sell, they can upload the auction listings in bulk.

HSLDA currently charges no fees for use of this site; all the profits will go to sellers. The same as other such sites, sellers will have profiles and the services they provide will be rated by their buyers.

To set up an account, go to HSLDA’s Curriculum Market site and use the “register” link on the left-hand menu (under “membership”). If you are an HSLDA member, make sure you sign up as a member.