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August 28, 2006

Support Grows for Southern Baptist
Resolution on Exodus from Public Schools

Homeschool leaders are renewing the call for Southern Baptist churches to develop an exit strategy from public schools.

Building on the success of the past few years, advocates such as Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee member Roger Moran and Houston attorney Dr. Bruce Shortt are asking their fellow Baptists to support an exit strategy resolution at upcoming state and regional conventions.

The resolution, listed at the end of this article, identifies the problems within public education and the damage it’s causing to Christian children.

In 2004 exit strategy resolutions were introduced in Southern Baptist conventions in 15 states, and that number increased to about 30 in 2005. This year Shortt and others would like to have resolutions introduced in every state and regional convention.

Home School Legal Defense Association welcomes the debate within the Southern Baptist denomination and endorses the proposed resolutions. Many current homeschoolers have already considered the issues outlined in the resolution and freely concluded that public school is not an acceptable alternative for the provision of a Christian education.

As Shortt, a homeschooling father, states: “The tide has turned dramatically on the education question over the last two years. A strong state and regional convention effort will advance the cause of Christian education much farther, both within the SBC and in other denominations.”

If you are a Southern Baptist who is interesting in attending a state convention and supporting this resolution, please contact Bruce Shortt at

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