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January 17, 2006

New Film A Great Teaching Tool

Homeschooling parents know that preparing their children to become tomorrow's leaders involves so much more than simply teaching academics. Our youth must also be taught to value personal virtues such as courage, faith, love and forgiveness.

One of the best ways to do this is to recount stories of heroes whose lives personified these virtues. And one such story is about to be told in the form of a new film—The End of the Spear.

And here to explain why The End of the Spear provides a powerful teaching tool for your family, is Tracy Klicka, the wife of Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel, Chris Klicka.

    Dare to Make Contact—Watch The End of the Spear

    On January 20, a new movie called The End of the Spear will premiere in theaters across the country. The producers have told us that the first week will determine the success or failure of the movie and whether it will remain in theaters.

    It is a powerful movie you won't want to miss.

    Most of us have heard of the story of five missionaries who in 1956, dared to make contact with the most savage tribe in history, the Waodani, and who were all brutally killed. Elisabeth Elliot, whose husband was one of those missionaries killed, then went to live with the Waodani, along with a sister of another slain missionary. Within two years, the tribal homicide rate dropped more than 90 percent. The story was made famous by Life magazine and the book Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot. Very few, however, have heard the rest of the story from the perspective of the tribe, until now.

    The End of the Spear follows this remarkable story through the lives of two people. Mincayani, a Waodani warrior who led the raid that killed the missionaries, and Steve Saint, the son of the missionary Mincayani killed. Mincayani's tribe struggles to survive the revenge spearings that threaten to wipe out his people completely. His encounter with the five missionaries and his spearing of Nate Saint propel him down an extraordinary path that culminates in coming face to face with Steve Saint.

    The movie's portrayal of the tension that existed between these two men as one discovers the other killed his father is intensely emotional yet quite natural. What is completely unnatural, however, is the incredible display of love and forgiveness shown by Steve Saint and the missionaries' wives toward Mincayani and his people.

    Chris and I were given the privilege of seeing a preview of the movie in our area. It was one of the most powerful and moving pictures we have ever seen. It vividly and poignantly shows the power of God's love to reach out through His people to a violent tribe and also forgive their brutal acts of murder. The result is a whole people group touched by the gospel and transformed as a culture. Truly, God ordains the affairs of men, and works in mysterious ways to redeem the lives of those He loves.

    The End of the Spear, while graphically violent at times, reveals a beauty we could never see in our culture apart from Christ—the beauty of reconciliation, forgiveness, and restoration at its deepest level.

    The world desperately needs this message, and The End of the Spear needs your support to bring this message to our lost culture. On the weekend of January 20, Christians everywhere should dare to make contact and fill theaters which are showing this tremendous film. To find a participating theater near you or to arrange for a group showing, go to or call 1-866-SPEARS1.

    Let your friends and family know about this film; then go and have your life changed.

    We urge you to especially bring an unsaved friend or relative and take the opportunity to share the gospel with them after.

    I found out through a little digging around that possibly the best way to see which theaters are showing the movie The End of the Spear is to go to the website, click on the link "Enter the Tribe" in the lower right corner, then click on the link "Theater Listings" in the upper right corner. From there you can click on your state and see a list of theaters that are both planned and confirmed to show the movie. You can also click on a link to a particular theater to get the phone number, map to the theaters, and in some cases, a contact name and phone number for group sales. Hope this helps! If so, pass the info on!

    Tracy Klicka