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There have been various programs, with various names, designed for the purpose of using public funds to pay for all or part of the costs of students’ tuition at public, private, religious, or home schools. Those in support of vouchers say they increase “school choice” or “parental choice.” HSLDA does not currently oppose vouchers or education savings accounts which are intended to be used solely for public school choice, or to further brick-and-mortar private and religious school choice.

However, HSLDA opposes any government money to homeschool families, whether these handouts are called vouchers, education savings accounts, or any other term. HSLDA believes that such money would be a hand-out from the government, which will eventually lead to regulations that will restrict homeschool freedom.

To date, no national voucher system has been established. While several states have various voucher or education savings accounts that include some students who are educated at home, they usually require recipients to operate in a different way than private homeschool families.

Our government has the responsibility to spend our tax money responsibly. For the government to just give vouchers to homeschoolers without accompanying regulations would be irresponsible and pointless. If no regulations or restrictions are attached to vouchers, why waste the time and money sending tax dollars through a complicated bureaucracy only to be returned to the parents? Voucher proponents have conceded that regulation would accompany vouchers, but claim it would not be excessive. HSLDA has spent more than 30 years fighting to protect parental rights to teach children at home; vouchers for homeschoolers would open the door to regulations which would interfere with the freedom essential for successful homeschooling.

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