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Can Homeschoolers Enlist in the Military?

February 27, 2015

Yes, homeschoolers can enlist in the military on the same terms as any other high school graduate. Since 1998, HSLDA has been working with the Pentagon and Congress to ensure that patriotic young men and women who wish to serve their nation in the armed forces are free to do so and are not discriminated against because they were homeschooled. After numerous battles, and most recently, congressional amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act in 2012 and 2014, we are finally ready to declare victory.

Do Homeschoolers Experience any Problems Enlisting in the Military?

The recent legislation passed by Congress and the accompanying Department of Defense policy have eliminated all past problems facing homeschool graduates who wish to enlist. In the few cases where recruiters are confused about the Department of Defense’s policy towards homeschoolers, HSLDA can help by clarifying the policy to the recruiter and affirming that a student is eligible to enlist under the new policy.

Homeschool graduates will need to have a homeschool high school diploma issued by the graduate’s parent or guardian. We strongly recommend that you do not have your homeschool graduate obtain a GED in order to enlist, because the military has almost completely eliminated GED holders from enlisting in the Armed Forces.

Please read this article to find the requirements for a homeschool graduate enlisting in the military.

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