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High School Diploma and the GED

Are Homeschool High School Diplomas Valid?

Yes. Homeschool programs are valid under state law, and although in most cases are not accredited, have equal standing with public and private school programs. A high school diploma is simply a document issued by the administrator of the program verifying that a student has completed that program’s course of study. For homeschoolers, the administrator is usually the parent; thus, parent-issued diplomas are legal and valid documents. The Higher Education Act of 1998 affirms this by clarifying that a homeschool diploma does not need to be officially recognized by the state or accredited to be valid, or for the student to qualify for federal financial aid.

Does My Child Need a GED?

In most cases, no. Homeschool students who have successfully completed their home education curriculum do not need a GED. General Eduacational Development (GEDs) still carry the stigma associated with high school drop-outs, which both undermines the equivalency of a homeschool diploma and can cause confusion regarding whether the student actually completed high school. If a college, employer, or military recruitment officer tells your child that he or she needs a GED, please contact HSLDA.

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