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March 29, 2000

Why Home Schoolers Support The Straight A’s Act

We support the Straight A’s Act (which is part of the ESEA) because it is a significant step in returning education decisions back to the states. It accomplishes this goal by allowing states to spend federal education money where it is needed most, and liberates them from burdensome federal bureaucratic regulations.

Why is Straight A’s Important?

The Federal Role in Education is Unconstitutional

Under the 10th Amendment, the people and the states have the power to make educational decisions, not the federal government. For the last 20 years, federally directed education programs have tied the hands of local school officials, placing our nation’s schools at risk. Now—more than ever—we must return the power to educate back to its constitutional boundaries and allow states, parents and local governments to dictate its decisions.

Straight A’s—A Step in the Right Direction

This bill returns education dollars to the states with virtually no strings attached. This is much closer to the 10th amendment principle of no federal involvement than our current system. The political reality is that one-half step is better than no step at all.

What does Straight A’s Do?

Limits the Federal Role in Education

Straight A’s will virtually eliminate millions of dollars worth of failed education programs by allowing 15 states to receive the federal funds without federal strings.

Allows Local Control of Education

It is no mystery that parents, states and local governments are more familiar with the needs of their students than Washington, D.C. Straight A’s applies this principle by giving states the power to spend federal education funds free of bureaucratic regulations. This will allow states to channel funds to schools where it is most needed and meet precise educational needs of its local citizens.

Eliminates Burdensome Paperwork

Currently, the federal government provides only six percent of the nation’s total education budget—but over 50 percent of its paperwork. Rather than requiring states and local governments to comply with this mountain of bureaucracy, Straight A’s eliminates federal strings and gives states the power to create their own process of distribution.

Reduces Federal Waste

Instead of adhering to hundreds of costly bureaucratic requirements, Straight A’s will allow states to streamline their educational efforts and eliminate overhead expense existing under current federal programs.

Prepared by the legal staff of the National Center for Home Education.