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Home School Legal Defense Association

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April 17, 2006 (540) 338-8663

Homeschooler falsely accused of being "truant"

Purcellville, Va.—A homeschooling family in Liberty, Texas was shocked to be summoned to court the very next day. No reason was given in the notice, which threatened the family with a $500 fine and/or jail. "Unfortunately, public school officials often act aggressively towards homeschoolers," said Chris Klicka, Senior Counsel for Home School Legal Defense Association.

The family had filed all the appropriate paperwork to remove their child from Liberty Middle School but this was not sufficient for the school district.

Without making any attempt to contact the family the school district dragged them into court. There was no time to retain an attorney or be given sufficient due process.

Klicka was able to send a memorandum to the judge explaining homeschooling in Texas. The judge sided with the homeschooling family at the next day's 9 a.m. hearing and rebuked the school officials for giving such short and improper notice of the hearing.

"Hopefully these over-zealous school officials learned their lesson in court. Don't automatically file criminal complaints against homeschool families," said Klicka. "Fortunately, the legal system worked to protect the rights of this homeschooling family," he added.

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