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3rd Quarter {2019}

Volume 35, No. 3

Featured Articles

Cover Story

Making homeschooling possible everywhere?—by Lanson Ho’opai

Columns & Departments

From the President

When children tell their own story . . .—by Mike Smith

State Highlights

Map overview, Ohio, Nebraska—by HSLDA Contact Attorneys

Case Updates

Enough is enough—by HSLDA Litigation Team

Special Feature

Could my child have social anxiety? And how can I help?—by Stephanie Adams

Generation Joshua

The lost art of teaching winsome speech—by Joel Grewe

Preschool Supplement

The case for wonder tales in the early years—by Erin Cox

HSLDA Compassion

She almost gave up on homeschooling. Then this happened . . .—by Dianne Tavares

And the Rest