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HSLDA Poetry Contest

2006 HSLDA Poetry Contest a Success!

This spring HSLDA held its second annual Poetry Contest. The contest was a busy one, with 249 entries from all over the country. Despite writing to a strict poetic form, 73 more students entered than last year!

The judges were impressed with the quality of the poems in both categories and are pleased to have chosen this year's winners.

In Category I, students from 9 to 13 wrote a terza rima on the theme of Light. The first place poem in this category is Rebekah Waldorff’s Light. Second place goes to Haley Welch for her poem Pictures Made of Starlight. Third place goes to Laura Russell’s Light on Water. The two honorable mentions go to Regina Kazanjian for Prism and Emily Chiles for From the Sea to the East. One of the judges relates, “I was surprised by the beauty and uniqueness of the imagery in the poetry. I greatly enjoyed reading the poems. Even in those instances where the meter or grammar was not perfect, the power of the poetry overcame the imperfections.”

In Category I, first place was $150. Second was $100. Third was $50. Honorable mentions were $25.

For Category II, students from 14 to 18 wrote a Shakespearian sonnet on the theme of Change. The first place prize goes to Kelly Rose Tillson for The Alchemist. Second place is awarded Rebekah Curry for Naught Constant. In third place is RoseMary Johnson’s The Final Change. The two honorable mentions go to Kacie Dalton for Today and Hannah Landis for The Going Out. One of our judges says, “Sonnets in general are not an easy form, and I am very glad to see aspiring poets trying their hands at them—there is a great breadth of possibility in what can be done with the sonnet.”

In Category II, first place was $200. Second was $150. Third was $100. Honorable mentions were $50.

The proceeds from the contest will be given to the Home School Foundation Special Needs Fund.

Read the winning poems:
(Click on poem title to view)

Category 1 (ages 9-13):
Category 2 (ages 14-18):
First Place
Rebekah Waldorff

Second Place
Haley Welch
Pictures Made of Starlight

Third Place
Laura Russell
Light On Water

Honorable Mention
Regina Kazanjian

Honorable Mention
Emily Chiles
From the Sea to the East

First Place
Kelly Rose Tillson
The Alchemist

Second Place
Rebekah Curry
Naught Constant

Third Place
RoseMary Johnson
The Final Change

Honorable Mention
Kacie Dalton

Honorable Mention
Hannah Elisabeth Landis
The Going Out

Sophia LaFleur
Sarah Gill
Hadley Ayers
Michelle Porter
Emily Watkins
Jessica Cockrell
Emily Sandquist
Keely Brazil