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HSLDA Art Contest 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003


It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of the 2005 HSLDA Art Contest. Thank you to all those who participated. You will find the results listed below by category.

We had 229 entries this year, 90 in Category I (7-10), 80 in Category II (11-14), and 59 in Category III (15-18). The judges continue to enjoy the quality of work created by our homeschooled artists. You can all be proud of the work you did.

Watch for more details on the 2005 HSLDA Art contest, including information on the judges and their comments in the January/February 2006 issue of the Home School Court Report as well as online.

Information about the 2006 Art Contest will be available in the spring.

Category I
Ages 7-10

Category II
Ages 11-14

Category III
Ages 15-18

First Place
Dean Ferrin III (Age 7), Hartly, DE
Dean Ferrin III (Age 7)
Hartly, DE

First Place
Ariel Cortez (Age 11), Fullerton, CA
Ariel Cortez (Age 11)
Fullerton, CA

First Place
Elisa Zachert (Age 16), Highland, MI
Elisa Zachert (Age 16)
Highland, MI

Second Place
Jaclyn Hall (Age 9), Spring Branch, TX
Jaclyn Hall (Age 9)
Spring Branch, TX

Second Place
James Schlavin (Age 12), Albuquerque, NM
James Schlavin (Age 12)
Albuquerque, NM

Second Place
Charity McQuitty (Age 18), Laurel, MD
Charity McQuitty (Age 18)
Laurel, MD

Third Place
Sydney Bertino (Age 10), Flint, TX
Sydney Bertino (Age 10)
Flint, TX

Third Place
Becca Stewart (Age 14), Yamhill, OR
Becca Stewart (Age 14)
Yamhill, OR

Third Place
Kevin Kemp (Age 16), Fredericksburg, VA
Kevin Kemp (Age 16)
Fredericksburg, VA

Honorable Mentions

Sarah Carroll (Age 10), Rome, GA
Sarah Carroll (Age 10)
Rome, GA

Aracely Ericson (Age 9), South Bend, IN
Aracely Ericson (Age 9)
South Bend, IN

Jonathan Thomas (Age 9), Athens, AL
Jonathan Thomas (Age 9)
Athens, AL

Honorable Mentions

Benjamin Hoppe (Age 13), Belleville, MI
Benjamin Hoppe (Age 13)
Belleville, MI

Lindsey Myers (Age 14), Anaheim, CA
Lindsey Myers (Age 14)
Anaheim, CA

Elizabeth Santee (Age 14), Aurora, CO
Elizabeth Santee (Age 14)
Aurora, CO

Honorable Mentions

Rachel Bowers (Age 16), Wichita, KS
Rachel Bowers (Age 16)
Wichita, KS

Rachael White (Age 15), New Paltz, NY
Rachael White (Age 15)
New Paltz, NY

Hannah Winkler (Age 16), Montour Falls, NY
Hannah Winkler (Age 16)
Montour Falls, NY


Anita Garcia (Age 9), Highland, IN
Anita Garcia (Age 9)
Highland, IN

David Hamel (Age 9), Oconto Falls, WI
David Hamel (Age 9)
Oconto Falls, WI

Luke Smith (Age 10), Niantic, CT
Luke Smith (Age 10)
Niantic, CT

Eliza Sturgeon (Age 9), Thorndale, PA
Eliza Sturgeon (Age 9)
Thorndale, PA


Samantha Hajicek (Age 14), Catawissa, MO
Samantha Hajicek (Age 14)
Catawissa, MO

Rachel Hamel (Age 14), Oconto Falls, WI
Rachel Hamel (Age 14)
Oconto Falls, WI

Jonathan Hargreaves (Age 12), North Royalton, OH
Jonathan Hargreaves (Age 12)
North Royalton, OH

Katelyn King (Age 14), Texarkana, TX
Katelyn King (Age 14)
Texarkana, TX


Julie Dugger (Age 18), Longview, TX
Julie Dugger (Age 18)
Longview, TX

Shannon O'Leary (Age 18), Menomonee Falls, WI
Shannon O'Leary (Age 18)
Menomonee Falls, WI

Emily Pietrantone (Age 15), Chattanooga, TN
Emily Pietrantone (Age 15)
Chattanooga, TN
Stacy Roberson (Age 16), Rochester, MN
Stacy Roberson (Age 16)
Rochester, MN