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2004 HSLDA


Special to Me
People, places, and things that
are special to you.

2004 HSLDA Art Contest


It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of the 2004 HSLDA Art Contest. Thank you to all those who participated for making the 2004 HSLDA Art Contest a wonderful success. You will find the results listed below by category.

We had 510 entries this year (compared to 127 last year), 169 in Category I (7-10), 216 in Category II (11-14), and 125 in Category III (15-18). The quality of the work entered last year was hard to beat, but this year's entries have raised the bar. The judges continue to be amazed with the quality of work created by our homeschooled artists. You can all be proud of the work you did.

Watch for more details on the 2004 HSLDA Art contest, including information on the judges and their comments in the January/February 2005 issue of the Home School Court Report as well as online.

Information about the 2005 Art Contest will be available in the spring.

"Special to Me"—People, places, and things that are special to you.

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Category I
Ages 7-10

Category II
Ages 11-14

Category III
Ages 15-18

First Place
Andrew Smith (Age 10), Fairport, NY
Andrew Smith (Age 10)
Fairport, NY

First Place
Ariel Hamel (Age 14), Oconto Falls, WI
Ariel Hamel (Age 14)
Oconto Falls, WI

First Place
Adam Nisbett (Age 17), Saint James, MO
Adam Nisbett (Age 17)
Saint James, MO

Second Place
Alison Goetz (Age 9), Mason, OH
Alison Goetz (Age 9)
Mason, OH

Second Place
Tiffany Noyes (Age 13), Colonial Heights, VA
Tiffany Noyes (Age 13)
Colonial Heights, VA

Second Place
Angela Taratuta (Age 15), Hillman, MI
Angela Taratuta (Age 15)
Hillman, MI

Third Place
Eliza Sturgeon (Age 8), Wilmington, OH
Eliza Sturgeon (Age 8)
Wilmington, OH

Third Place
Benjamin Hoppe (Age 12), Belleville, MI
Benjamin Hoppe (Age 12)
Belleville, MI

Third Place
Deborah Randall (Age 17), Manassas, VA
Deborah Randall (Age 17)
Manassas, VA

Honorable Mention
Listed Alphabetically

Abby Doyle (Age 10), Wexford, PA
Abby Doyle (Age 10)
Wexford, PA

Sarah Miller (Age 10), Orem, UT
Sarah Miller (Age 10)
Orem, UT

David Nevarez (Age 8), Mission Vigo, CA
David Nevarez (Age 8)
Mission Vigo, CA

Honorable Mention
Listed Alphabetically

Andrew De La Calzada (Age 13), Manassas, VA
Andrew De La Calzada (Age 13)
Manassas, VA

Nathaniel Fuller (Age 14), Wichita, KS
Nathaniel Fuller (Age 14)
Wichita, KS

James Hendricks (Age 13), Germantown , TN
James Hendricks (Age 13)
Germantown , TN

Honorable Mention
Listed Alphabetically

Lisa Gorman (Age 16), Jonesborough, TN
Lisa Gorman (Age 16)
Jonesborough, TN

Courtney Kinard (Age 18), Felton, PA
Courtney Kinard (Age 18)
Felton, PA

Miranda Neuberger (Age 16), Warrenton, VA
Miranda Neuberger (Age 16)
Warrenton, VA

Listed Alphabetically

Ryan Bartels (Age 9), Denver, CO
Ryan Bartels (Age 9)
Denver, CO

Jaclyn Hall (Age 8), Spring Beach, TX
Jaclyn Hall (Age 8)
Spring Beach, TX

Tina Mihm (Age 10), Crystal Lake, IL
Tina Mihm (Age 10)
Crystal Lake, IL

Ellis R. Whipple (Age 9), Melbourne, FL
Ellis R. Whipple (Age 9)
Melbourne, FL

Listed Alphabetically

Christine Cain (Age 14), Columbus, OH
Christine Cain (Age 14)
Columbus, OH

Lauren Mattina (Age 13), San Luis Obispo, CA
Lauren Mattina (Age 13)
San Luis Obispo, CA

John Moody (Age 14), Knoxville, TN
John Moody (Age 14)
Knoxville, TN

Justin Sagissor (Age 14), Reedsburg, WI
Justin Sagissor (Age 14)
Reedsburg, WI

Listed Alphabetically

Lauren De La Calzada (Age 16), Manassas, VA
Lauren De La Calzada (Age 16)
Manassas, VA

Caroline Hirsch (Age 16), Karnack, TX
Caroline Hirsch (Age 16)
Karnack, TX

Monica LaVanchy (Age 18), Jackson, MO
Monica LaVanchy (Age 18)
Jackson, MO

Caroline Poe (Age 16), Lakeside, CA
Caroline Poe (Age 16)
Lakeside, CA