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Congratulations to the 18 winners and 12 finalists in the 2003 HSLDA Art Contest. We had 127 entries this year, 46 in Category I (ages 7-10), 51 in Category II (ages 11-14), and 29 in Category III (ages 15-18). The judges were impressed with the quality of work created by our homeschooled artists and had a hard time selecting the winners for each of the six places in the three age categories. The final results are shown below. Watch for more details on the 2003 HSLDA Art contest, including information on the judges and their comments in the November/December issue of the Home School Court Report as well as online.

"Freedom in America"—Past or Present, Real or Imagined

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Category I
Ages 7-10

Category II
Ages 11-14

Category III
Ages 15-18

First Place
Amber Kelley (Age 10), Moorpark, CA
Amber Kelley (Age 10)
Moorpark, CA

First Place
Amanda McCrina (Age 13), Villa Rica, GA
Amanda McCrina (Age 13)
Villa Rica, GA

First Place
Margaret Harralson (Age 16), Purcellville, VA
Margaret Harralson (Age 16)
Purcellville, VA

Second Place
Marie Zivnuska (Age 10), St. Louis, MO
Marie Zivnuska (Age 10)
St. Louis, MO

Second Place
Jeremy Bauman (Age 11), Amarillo, TX
Jeremy Bauman (Age 11)
Amarillo, TX

Second Place
Courtney Kinard (Age 17), Felton, PA
Courtney Kinard (Age 17)
Felton, PA

Third Place
Ruth Hoppe (Age 10), Belleville, MI
Ruth Hoppe (Age 10)
Belleville, MI

Third Place
Elisa Zachert (Age 14), Highland, MI
Elisa Zachert (Age 14)
Highland, MI

Third Place
Jayson Heslep (Age 17), Jefferson City, MT
Jayson Heslep (Age 17)
Jefferson City, MT

Fourth Place
Jessica Spurgers (Age 9), Farmersville, TX
Jessica Spurgers (Age 9)
Farmersville, TX

Fourth Place
Benjamin Hoppe (Age 11), Belleville, MI
Benjamin Hoppe (Age 11)
Belleville, MI

Fourth Place
Julie Dugger (16), Longview, TX
Julie Dugger (16)
Longview, TX

Fifth Place
Crissie Gross (Age 10), Woodbridge, VA
Crissie Gross (Age 10)
Woodbridge, VA

Fifth Place
Samuel Hoppe (Age 13), Belleville, MI
Samuel Hoppe (Age 13)
Belleville, MI

Fifth Place
Shannon O'Leary (Age 16), Brookfield, WI
Shannon O'Leary (Age 16)
Brookfield, WI

Sixth Place
Sarah Reape (Age 10), Vandenberg AFB, CA
Sarah Reape (Age 10)
Vandenberg AFB, CA

Sixth Place
Rob Jacobs (Age 14), Vassalboro, ME
Rob Jacobs (Age 14)
Vassalboro, ME

Sixth Place
Erin Annis (Age 16), St. Johns, MI
Erin Annis (Age 16)
St. Johns, MI

Listed Alphabetically

Jessalyn Dykema (Age 9), Watertown, WI
Jessalyn Dykema (Age 9)
Watertown, WI

Christine Gordon (Age 10), Evergreen, CO
Christine Gordon (Age 10)
Evergreen, CO

Marian Hall (Age 8), Midlothian, VA
Marian Hall (Age 8)
Midlothian, VA

Katie Sclafani (Age 8), Succasunna, NJ
Katie Sclafani (Age 8)
Succasunna, NJ

Listed Alphabetically

Rachel Clark (Age 11), Greer, SC
Rachel Clark (Age 11)
Greer, SC

Daniel Gilmour (Age 11), Bloomfield, NJ
Daniel Gilmour (Age 11)
Bloomfield, NJ

Sarah Modene (Age 13), Perrysburg, OH
Sarah Modene (Age 13)
Perrysburg, OH

Justin Sagissor (Age 13), Reedsburg, WI
Justin Sagissor (Age 13)
Reedsburg, WI

Listed Alphabetically

Hannah Aschmann (Age 16), Dallas, GA
Hannah Aschmann (Age 16)
Dallas, GA

G. Basala (Age 17), Rockford, MI
G. Basala (Age 17)
Rockford, MI

Andrew Mahan (Age 16), Rockford, IL
Andrew Mahan (Age 16)
Rockford, IL

Tricia Waymire (Age 18), Gentry, MO
Tricia Waymire (Age 18)
Gentry, MO