State letter template:

Month xx, Year

Dear Representative / Senator __________,

Forty-five states are preparing to fully implement the Common Core State Standards in the upcoming 2013–14 school year. The Common Core is one of the most comprehensive attempts to control the details of education that the federal government has ever made. The Common Core lets federal bureaucrats and private organizations decide what children should learn and when they should learn it, robbing parents, teachers, and local school districts of this important decision.

I am especially concerned with the federal government’s role in pushing the Common Core. Federal law prohibits the Department of Education from setting specific content standards, but using the Race to the Top program, the federal government has enticed many states to adopt the Common Core and develop curriculum and assessments aligned to the Common Core. Furthermore, I am disturbed by the efforts of the Department of Education and the Department of Labor—in connection with the Common Core—to begin collecting large amount of personal information on students from their preschool years through their entry into the workforce. This is extremely dangerous for the privacy of American schoolchildren.

As a parent who has chosen to educate my children at home, it is very important to me that parents and teachers are allowed to decide what to teach their students and when to teach it. Please help stop the advance of the Common Core by sponsoring or supporting legislation that will defund the implementation of the Common Core. Additionally, please support legislation that will prohibit __(Insert your state)__ school districts from aligning curriculum or testing with the Common Core.

Thank you for your service to our state and for your attention to my concerns.



Talking points

  • If you are calling your state legislator, identify yourself as one of his or her constituents.
  • Ask to speak directly with your legislator. If you are unable to speak with him or her, ask to leave a voicemail message. If you cannot leave a voicemail, leave a detailed message with the staffer.
  • Thank your legislator for representing your district.
  • Express your concerns with the Common Core, including the increased control of the federal government over educational policy, the development of standardized curriculum and assessments, and the expanding collection of student data. Emphasize that your state is committed to adopting the Common Core during this coming school year.
  • If you have the opportunity, share why a decentralized approach to education is important to you.
  • Ask your legislator to sponsor or support legislation that will defund the implementation of the Common Core in your state or even prohibit school districts in your state from basing their standards and curriculum on the Common Core.
  • Thank your legislator sincerely for his or her time and for listening to your concerns.